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JVIB: Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness

Año 2009. Número 103 (2)

Experiences of Parents with Visual Impairments Who Are Raising Children
L. Penny Rosenblum, Sunggye Hong, and Beth Harris
Sixty-seven parents who are visually impaired revealed strategies for their children's safety, transportation, homework, and other parenting tasks and provided information about the emotional impact on their children and others' reactions to them as parents. Recommendations for current and future parents who are visually impaired and professionals are discussed
Characteristics of Individuals with Congenital and Acquired Deaf-Blindness
Dawn M. Dalby, John P. Hirdes, Paul Stolee, J. Graham Strong, Jeff Poss, Erin Y. Tjam, Lindsay Bowman, and Melody Ashworth
Using a standardized assessment instrument, the authors compared 182 adults with congenital deaf-blindness and those with acquired deaf-blindness. They found that those with congenital deaf-blindness were more likely to have impairments in cognition, activities of daily living, and social interactions and were less likely to use speech for communication
Expanded Core Curriculum: 12 Years Later
Keri Lohmeier, Karen Blankenship, and Phil Hatlen
This study investigated changes in teachers' and parents' understanding and implementation of or philosophy on the implementation of the content areas of the expanded core curriculum for students who are visually impaired. The results demonstrated some changes since the original survey results were reported in 1998 and a discrepancy between the perceptions of parents and teachers of teachers' level of knowledge of the expanded core curriculum
Policy Analysis of Science-based Best Practices for Students with Visual Impairments
Tiffany Wild and Ann Allen
The Functional Classification of Brain Damage-Related Vision Loss
August Colenbrander
Practice Perspectives: The Case of the Reluctant Reader: Insights from Three Professionals
Jane N. Erin
Braille Celebration: Challenges and Solutions in Teaching Braille in an Online-Education Model
Sheila Amato
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