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JARC: Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling

Año 2004. Número 35 (2)

Americans with Disabilities Act compliance manual
Gregory G Garske.; pp 41
Best jobs for the 21st century (3rd Edition)
Ann T Neulicht.; pp 41
Counseling theories and techniques for rehabilitation health professionals
Joseph E Havranek.; pp 42
Differences in Career Thoughts Between Individuals With And Without Disability: Do They Really Exist?
David R Strauser, Daniel C Lustig, Ayse Ciftci Uruk.; pp 25
Differential diagnosis in adult neuropsychological assessment
Gregory G Garske.; pp 43
Dillon is Different: Fragile X Syndrome
Joseph E Havranek.; pp 43
Opportunity Structure and Transition Practices with Students with Disabilities: The Role of Family, Culture, and Community
Elias Mpofu, Keith B Wilson.; pp 9
Prediction of Vocational Outcomes for Workers' Compensation Claimants with Back Injury
Terry L Blackwell, Stephen J Leierer, Stephanie S Haupt, Angeliki Kampitsis, Jennie R Wolfson.; pp 32
Professional Portfolio Development for Rehabilitation Counselors and Human Service Providers: A Tool for Professional Development and Leadership

Debra A Harley, Kristine Jolivette, Belva Collins, John W Schuster.; pp 3
Social Support and Quality of Life among Elderly Chinese Americans/Immigrants with Disabilities: An Exploratory Study
Nan Zhang Hampton.; pp 17
The decline in employment of people with disabilities: A policy puzzle
Jorge Garcia.; pp 39
The transitional classification of jobs, 6th edition
Joseph E Havranek.; pp 40
Work and Disability: Issues and Strategies in Career Development and Job Placement (2nd ed.)
Frances W Siu.; pp 40
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