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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2015. Número 45 (4)

New Interview and Observation Measures of the Broader Autism Phenotype: Group Differentiation
Maretha de Jonge, Jeremy Parr
Successful Face Recognition is Associated with Increased Prefrontal Cortex Activation in Autism Spectrum Disorder
John D. Herrington, Meghan E. Riley
Varieties of Misdiagnosis in ASD: An Illustrative Case Series
Gerrit I. Van Schalkwyk, Francesco Peluso
A Physiologically Informed Virtual Reality Based Social Communication System for Individuals with Autism
Uttama Lahiri, Esubalew Bekele
Risk of Autism Associated With General Anesthesia During Cesarean Delivery: A Population-Based Birth-Cohort Analysis
Li-Nien Chien, Hsiu-Chen Lin
The Interplay Between Sensory Processing Abnormalities, Intolerance of Uncertainty, Anxiety and Restricted and Repetitive Behaviours in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sarah Wigham, Jacqui Rodgers, Mikle South
Approximating Implicit and Explicit Mentalizing with Two Naturalistic Video-Based Tasks in Typical Development and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Gabriela Rosenblau, Dorit Kliemann
Measurement of Nonverbal IQ in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Scores in Young Adulthood Compared to Early Childhood
Somer L. Bishop, Cristan Farmer
Assessment of Pretend Play in Prader–Willi Syndrome: A Direct Comparison to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Olena Zyga, Sandra Russ
Spatial Relative Risk Patterns of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Utah
Amanda V. Bakian, Deborah A. Bilder
Adaptive Profiles in Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Susana Mouga, Joana Almeida, Cátia Café
The Impact of Delays on Parents’ Perceptions of Treatments for Problem Behavior
Nathan A. Call, Andrea R. Reavis
Informant Agreement for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Intellectual Disability: A Meta-analysis
Elizabeth A. Stratis, Luc Lecavalier
Use of Emotional Cues for Lexical Learning: A Comparison of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fragile X Syndrome
Angela John Thurman, Andrea McDuffie
Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders Incidence by Sub-Populations in Israel 1992–2009: A Total Population Study
Raanan Raz, Marc G. Weisskopf
A Review of Peer-Mediated Social Interaction Interventions for Students with Autism in Inclusive Settings
Laci Watkins, Mark O’Reilly, Michelle Kuhn
Parenting Stress, Salivary Biomarkers, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure: A Comparison Between Mothers and Fathers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Ciara Foody, Jack E. James, Geraldine Leader
Brief Report: Emergency Department Utilization by Individuals with Autism
Dorothea A. Iannuzzi, Erika R. Cheng
Autism Biomarkers: Challenges, Pitfalls and Possibilities
George M. Anderson
Response to the Letter to the Editor: Impacts of Autistic Behaviors, Emotional and Behavioral Problems on Parenting Stress in Caregivers of Children with Autism: Errors and Discrepancies
Chien-Yu Huang, Kuan-Lin Chen
The Importance of Distinguishing Propensity Versus Ability to Imitate in ASD Research and Early Detection
Giacomo Vivanti
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