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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2011. Número 41 (4)

Progress in Understanding Autism: 2007–2010
Michael L. Rutter pp 395-404
The Hypothesis of Apraxia of Speech in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Lawrence D. Shriberg, Rhea Paul, Lois M. Black and Jan P. van Santen pp 405-426
Relation of Melatonin to Sleep Architecture in Children with Autism
Roberta M. Leu, Liya Beyderman, Emmanuel J. Botzolakis, Kyla Surdyka and Lily Wang, et al. pp 427-433
Detecting Social and Non-Social Changes in Natural Scenes: Performance of Children with and Without Autism Spectrum Disorders and Typical Adults
Bhavin R. Sheth, James Liu, Olayemi Olagbaju, Larry Varghese and Rosleen Mansour, et al. pp 434-446
Non-Invasive Evaluation of the GABAergic/Glutamatergic System in Autistic Patients Observed by MEGA-Editing Proton MR Spectroscopy Using a Clinical 3 Tesla Instrument
Masafumi Harada, Masako M. Taki, Ayumi Nose, Hitoshi Kubo and Kenji Mori, et al. pp 447-454
‘Everyday Memory’ Impairments in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Catherine R. G. Jones, Francesca Happé, Andrew Pickles, Anita J. S. Marsden and Jenifer Tregay, et al. pp 455-464
Knowledge and Attitude of General Practitioners Regarding Autism in Karachi, Pakistan
Mohammad Hossein Rahbar, Khalid Ibrahim and Parisa Assassi pp 465-474
Teasing, Ridiculing and the Relation to the Fear of Being Laughed at in Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome
Andrea C. Samson, Oswald Huber and Willibald Ruch pp 475-483
Imitation Assessment and Its Utility to the Diagnosis of Autism: Evidence from Consecutive Clinical Preschool Referrals for Suspected Autism
Marleen Vanvuchelen, Herbert Roeyers and Willy De Weerdt pp 484-496
Brief Report: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder: A Brief Examination of Eight Case Studies
Kendra J. Homan, Michael W. Mellon, Daniel Houlihan and Maja Z. Katusic pp 497-504
Brief Report: Are ADHD Traits Dissociable from the Autistic Profile? Links Between Cognition and Behaviour
Blythe A. Corbett, Joan R. Gunther, Dan Comins, Jenifer Price and Niles Ryan, et al. pp 505-511
Brief Report: Preliminary Evaluation of the Theory of Mind Inventory and its Relationship to Measures of Social Skills
Matthew D. Lerner, Tiffany L. Hutchins and Patricia A. Prelock pp 512-517
Brief Report: Memory Performance on the California Verbal Learning Test - Children’s Version in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Heather L. Phelan, Jillian H. Filliter and Shannon A. Johnson pp 518-523
Brief Report: Significant Differences in Perceived Odor Pleasantness Found in Children with ASD
Michal Hrdlicka, Jan Vodicka, Marketa Havlovicova, Tomas Urbanek and Marek Blatny, et al. pp 524-527
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