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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2011. Número 41 (2)

Managing Complexity: Impact of Organization and Processing Style on Nonverbal Memory in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Katherine D. Tsatsanis, Ilse L. J. Noens, Cornelia L. Illmann, David L. Pauls and Fred R. Volkmar, et al. pp 135-147
Patterns of Visual Attention to Faces and Objects in Autism Spectrum Disorder
James C. McPartland, Sara Jane Webb, Brandon Keehn and Geraldine Dawson pp 148-157
Autistic Symptomatology, Face Processing Abilities, and Eye Fixation Patterns
Jennifer C. Kirchner, Alexander Hatri, Hauke R. Heekeren and Isabel Dziobek pp 158-167
From Bayes Through Marginal Utility to Effect Sizes: A Guide to Understanding the Clinical and Statistical Significance of the Results of Autism Research Findings
Domenic V. Cicchetti, Kathy Koenig, Ami Klin, Fred R. Volkmar and Rhea Paul, et al. pp 168-174
Melatonin Versus Placebo in Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions and Severe Sleep Problems Not Amenable to Behaviour Management Strategies: A Randomised Controlled Crossover Trial
Barry Wright, David Sims, Siobhan Smart, Ahmed Alwazeer and Ben Alderson-Day, et al. pp 175-184
Exploring the Ability to Deceive in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Annie S. Li, Elizabeth A. Kelley, Angela D. Evans and Kang Lee pp 185-195
How Temperament and Personality Contribute to the Maladjustment of Children With Autism
Sarah S. W. De Pauw, Ivan Mervielde, Karla G. Van Leeuwen and Barbara J. De Clercq pp 196-212
Object Identification and Imagination: An Alternative to the Meta-Representational Explanation of Autism
Cooper R. Woodard and Jennifer Van Reet pp 213-226
Evaluation of a Records-Review Surveillance System Used to Determine the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Rachel Nonkin Avchen, Lisa D. Wiggins, Owen Devine, Kim Van Naarden Braun and Catherine Rice, et al. pp 227-236
Increased Serum Levels of Epidermal Growth Factor in Children with Autism
Elvan Iseri, Esra Güney, Mehmet F. Ceylan, Aysegül Yücel and Arzu Aral, et al. pp 237-241
Brief Report: Circumscribed Attention in Young Children with Autism
Noah J. Sasson, Jed T. Elison, Lauren M. Turner-Brown, Gabriel S. Dichter and James W. Bodfish pp 242-247
Brief Report: Sensorimotor Gating in Idiopathic Autism and Autism Associated with Fragile X Syndrome
Jennifer Yuhas, Lisa Cordeiro, Flora Tassone, Elizabeth Ballinger and Andrea Schneider, et al. pp 248-253
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