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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2010. Número 40 (11)

RCT of a Manualized Social Treatment for High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders
Christopher Lopata, Marcus L. Thomeer, Martin A. Volker, Jennifer A. Toomey and Robert E. Nida, et al.pp 1297-13010
Prenatal and Perinatal Risk Factors for Autism in China
Xin Zhang, Cong-Chao Lv, Jiang Tian, Ru-Juan Miao and Wei Xi, et al. pp 1311-1321
Explaining and Selecting Treatments for Autism: Parental Explanatory Models in Taiwan
Yea-Ing Lotus Shyu, Jia-Ling Tsai and Wen-Che Tsai pp 1323-1331
Stimulus Overselectivity Four Decades Later: A Review of the Literature and Its Implications for Current Research in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bertram O. Ploog pp 1332-1349
The Cognitive Interview for Eyewitnesses with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Katie L. Maras and Dermot M. Bowler pp 1350-1360
The Heavy Burden of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Large Comparative Study of a Psychiatrically Referred Population
Gagan Joshi, Carter Petty, Janet Wozniak, Aude Henin and Ronna Fried, et al. pp 1361-1370
Memory Awareness for Faces in Individuals with Autism
Desirée A. Wilkinson, Catherine A. Best, Nancy J. Minshew and Mark S. Strauss pp 1371-1377
Decontextualised Minds: Adolescents with Autism are Less Susceptible to the Conjunction Fallacy than Typically Developing Adolescents
Kinga Morsanyi, Simon J. Handley and Jonathan S. B. T. Evans pp 1378-1388
Onset Patterns Prior to 36 Months in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Luther G. Kalb, J. K. Law, Rebecca Landa and Paul A. Law pp 1389-1402
A Comparison of the Development of Audiovisual Integration in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Typically Developing Children
Natalie Taylor, Claire Isaac and Elizabeth Milne pp 1403-1411
Brief Report: Acamprosate in Fragile X Syndrome
Craig A. Erickson, Jennifer E. Mullett and Christopher J. McDougle pp 1412-1416
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