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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2010. Número 40 (5)

The Role of High Level Play as a Predictor Social Functioning in Autism
Margaret M. Manning y Laurel D. Wainwright
Do Gaze Cues in Complex Scenes Capture and Direct the Attention of High Functioning Adolescents with ASD? Evidence from Eye-tracking
M. Freeth, P. Chapman, D. Ropar y P. Mitchell
Pre-Eclampsia, Birth Weight, and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Joshua R. Mann, Suzanne McDermott, Haikun Bao, James Hardin y Anthony Gregg
What Automated Vocal Analysis Reveals About the Vocal Production and Language Learning Environment of Young Children with Autism
Steven F. Warren, Jill Gilkerson, Jeffrey A. Richards, D. Kimbrough Oller, Dongxin Xu, Umit Yapanel y Sharmistha Gray
The TEACCH Program in the Era of Evidence-Based Practice
Gary B. Mesibov y Victoria Shea
Autism and ADHD Symptoms in Patients with OCD: Are They Associated with Specific OC Symptom Dimensions or OC Symptom Severity?
Gideon E. Anholt, Danielle C. Cath, Patricia van Oppen, Merijn Eikelenboom, Johannes H. Smit, Harold van Megen y Anton J. L. M. van Balkom
Broader Autism Phenotype and Nonverbal Sensitivity: Evidence for an Association in the General Population
Brooke Ingersoll
A Large Scale Study of the Psychometric Characteristics of the IBR Modified Overt Aggression Scale: Findings and Evidence for Increased Self-Destructive Behaviors in Adult Females with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ira L. Cohen, John A. Tsiouris, Michael J. Flory, Soh-Yule Kim, Robert Freedland, Glenn Heaney, Jill Pettinger y W. Ted Brown
Using Matched Groups to Explore Child Behavior Problems and Maternal Well-Being in Children with Down Syndrome and Autism
Gemma M. Griffith, Richard P. Hastings, Susie Nash y Christopher Hill
Time Demands of Caring for Children with Autism: What are the Implications for Maternal Mental Health?
Michael G. Sawyer, Michael Bittman, Annette M. La Greca, Angela D. Crettenden, Taylor F. Harchak y Jon Martin
Brief Report: Randomized Test of the Efficacy of Picture Exchange Communication System on Highly Generalized Picture Exchanges in Children with ASD
Paul J. Yoder y Rebecca G. Lieberman
Brief Report: Under-Representation of African Americans in Autism Genetic Research: A Rationale for Inclusion of Subjects Representing Diverse Family Structures
Claudia L. Hilton, Robert T. Fitzgerald, Kelley M. Jackson, Rolanda A. Maxim, Christopher C. Bosworth, Paul T. Shattuck, Daniel H. Geschwind y John N. Constantino
Brief Report: Impaired Temporal Reproduction Performance in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jonathan S. Martin, Marie Poirier y Dermot M. Bowler
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