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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2008. Número 38 (10)

The Classroom Observation Schedule to Measure Intentional Communication (COSMIC): An Observational Measure of the Intentional Communication of Children with Autism in an Unstructured Classroom Setting
Greg Pasco; Rosanna K. Gordon; Patricia Howlin and Tony Charman pp 1807-1818
Gender in Voice Perception in Autism
Wouter B. Groen; Linda van Orsouw; Marcel Zwiers; Sophie Swinkels; Rutger Jan van der Gaag and Jan K. Buitelaar pp 1819-1826
Regression, Developmental Trajectory and Associated Problems in Disorders in the Autism Spectrum: The SNAP Study
Gillian Baird; Tony Charman; Andrew Pickles; Susie Chandler; Tom Loucas, David Meldrum; Iris Carcani-Rathwell; Devanitha Serkana and Emily Simonoff pp 1827-1836

Color Perception in Children with Autism
Anna Franklin; Paul Sowden, Rachel Burley, Leslie Notman and Elizabeth Alder pp 1837-1847
Violent Crime in Asperger Syndrome: The Role of Psychiatric Comorbidity
Stewart S. Newman and Mohammad Ghaziuddin pp 1848-1852
A Case Study of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Using Systematic Analysis of Family Home Movies
Ruben Palomo; Meagan Thompson; Costanza Colombi; Ian Cook; Stacy Goldring; Gregory S. Young and Sally Ozonoff pp 1853-1858
Alexithymia in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Peter Szatmari; Stelios Georgiades; Eric Duku; Lonnie Zwaigenbaum; Jeremy Goldberg and Terry Bennett pp 1859-1865
Effect of Social Familiarity on Salivary Cortisol and Self-Reports of Social Anxiety and Stress in Children with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders
Christopher Lopata; Martin A. Volker; Susan K. Putnam; Marcus L. Thomeer and Robert E. Nida pp 1866-1877
Feeding and Eating Behaviors in Children with Autism and Typically Developing Children
Yolanda Martins; Robyn L. Young and Danielle C. Robson pp 1878-1887
An Investigation of Sleep Characteristics, EEG Abnormalities and Epilepsy in Developmentally Regressed and Non-regressed Children with Autism
Flavia Giannotti; Flavia Cortesi; Antonella Cerquiglini; Daniela Miraglia; Cristina Vagnoni; Teresa Sebastiani and Paola Bernabei pp 1888-1897
Nonverbal Communication Skills in Young Children with Autism
Chung-Hsin Chiang; Wei-Tsuen Soong; Tzu-Ling Lin and Sally J. Rogers pp 1898-1906

Measuring Theory of Mind in Children. Psychometric Properties of the ToM Storybooks
E. M. A. Blijd-Hoogewys; P. L. C. van Geert, M. Serra and R. B. Minderaa pp 1907-1930
Language Profiles in ASD, SLI, and ADHD
Hilde M. Geurts and Mariëtte Embrechts pp 1931-1943

LEGO Therapy and the Social Use of Language Programme: An Evaluation of Two Social Skills Interventions for Children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome
Gina Owens; Yael Granader; Ayla Humphrey and Simon Baron-Cohen pp 1944-1957

Eye Direction, Not Movement Direction, Predicts Attention Shifts in Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders
M. D. Rutherford and Kristen M. Krysko pp 1958-1965

Abnormal Transmethylation/transsulfuration Metabolism and DNA Hypomethylation Among Parents of Children with Autism
S. Jill James; Stepan Melnyk; Stefanie Jernigan; Amanda Hubanks; Shannon Rose and David W. Gaylor pp 1966-1975

Abnormal Transmethylation/transsulfuration Metabolism and DNA Hypomethylation Among Parents of Children with Autism
S. Jill James, Stepan Melnyk, Stefanie Jernigan; Amanda Hubanks; Shannon Rose and David W. Gaylor pp 1976

Brief Report: No Association Between Premorbid Adjustment in Adult-Onset Schizophrenia and Genetic Variation in Dysbindin
Frederike Schirmbeck; Alexander Georgi; Jana Strohmaier; Christine Schmael; Katja V. Boesshenz; Thomas W. Muhleisen; Stefan Herms; Per Hoffmann; Rami Abou Jamra; Johannes Schumacher; Wolfgang Maier; Peter Propping; Markus M. Nothen; Sven Cichon; Marcella Rietschel and Thomas G. Schulze pp 1977-1981

Brief Report: Narratives of Personal Events in Children with Autism and Developmental Language Disorders: Unshared Memories
Sylvie Goldman pp 1982-1988
Brief Report: Atypical Social Cognition and Social Behaviours in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Different Way of Processing Rather than an Impairment
Kate O'connor and Ian Kirk pp 1989-1997
Distinguishing Broad Autism Phenotype from Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders
Genichi Sugihara; Kenji J. Tsuchiya and Nori Takei pp 1998-1999
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