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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2008. Número 38 (9)

Beware of Over-Interpreting Negative Trials
Lawrence Scahill; Michael G. Aman; James T. McCracken; Christopher J. McDougle and Benedetto Vitiello pp 1609-1610

Examining the Validity of Autism Spectrum Disorder Subtypes
Andrea N. Witwer and Luc Lecavalier pp 1611-1624
Sleep Patterns in School-age Children with Asperger Syndrome or High-functioning Autism: A Follow-up Study
Hiie Allik; Jan-Olov Larsson and Hans Smedje pp 1625-1633

Social Behavior and Autism Traits in a Sex Chromosomal Disorder: Klinefelter (47XXY) Syndrome
Sophie van Rijn, Hanna Swaab, André Aleman and René S. Kahn pp 1634-1641

Food-related Neural Circuitry in Prader-Willi Syndrome: Response to High- Versus Low-calorie Foods
Anastasia Dimitropoulos and Robert T. Schultz pp 1642-1653

Quality of Life of Adults with Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities
F. Gerber; M. A. Baud, M. Giroud and G. Galli Carminati pp 1654-1665

The Role of Face Familiarity in Eye Tracking of Faces by Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Lindsey Sterling; Geraldine Dawson; Sara Webb; Michael Murias; Jeffrey Munson; Heracles Panagiotides and Elizabeth Aylward pp 1666-1675

The Prevalence and Incidence of Mental Ill-Health in Adults with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities
Craig A. Melville; Sally-Ann Cooper, Jill Morrison, Elita Smiley; Linda Allan; Alison Jackson; Janet Finlayson and Dipali Mantry pp 1676-1688
The Effectiveness of Social Stories on Decreasing Disruptive Behaviors of Children with Autism: Three Case Studies
Selda Ozdemir pp 1689-1696
Social Anxiety in High-functioning Children and Adolescents with Autism and Asperger Syndrome
Sanna Kuusikko, Rachel Pollock-Wurman; Katja Jussila; Alice S. Carter, Marja-Leena Mattila; Hanna Ebeling; David L. Pauls and Irma Moilanen pp 1697-1709
Predictors of Psychiatric Symptoms in Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Kenneth D. Gadow; Carla DeVincent and Jayne Schneider pp 1710-1720

When Prototypes Are Not Best: Judgments Made by Children with Autism
Catherine J. Molesworth, Dermot M. Bowler and James A. Hampton pp 1721-1730

The Childhood Autism Spectrum Test (CAST): Sex Differences
Joanna G. Williams; Carrie Allison, Fiona J. Scott, Patrick F. Bolton; Simon Baron-Cohen; Fiona E. Matthews and Carol Brayne pp 1731-1739

Child Temperaments, Differential Parenting, and the Sibling Relationships of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jessica Wood Rivers and Zolinda Stoneman pp 1740-1750
Characterization of Potential Outcome Measures for Future Clinical Trials in Fragile X Syndrome
Elizabeth Berry-Kravis; Allison Sumis; Ok-Kyung Kim; Rebecca Lara and Joanne Wuu pp 1751-1757

The Effects of Improvisational Music Therapy on Joint Attention Behaviors in Autistic Children: A Randomized Controlled Study
Jinah Kim; Tony Wigram and Christian Gold pp 1758-1766
The Effectiveness of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Families of Children on the Autism Spectrum
Marjorie Solomon; Michele Ono; Susan Timmer and Beth Goodlin-Jones pp 1767-1776
Brief Report: Feasibility of Social Cognition and Interaction Training for Adults with High Functioning Autism
Lauren M. Turner-Brown; Timothy D. Perry; Gabriel S. Dichter; James W. Bodfish and David L. Penn pp 1777-1784

Brief Report: Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Show Normal Attention to Eye-Gaze Information Evidence from a New Change Blindness Paradigm
Sue Fletcher-Watson, Susan R. Leekam; John M. Findlay and Elaine C. Stanton pp 1785-1790

Brief Report: Outcomes of a Teacher Training Program for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Paul Probst and Tobias Leppert pp 1791-1796
Brief Report: Attention Effect on a Measure of Social Perception
Jodene Goldenring Fine, Margaret Semrud-Clikeman; Brianne Butcher and Jennifer Walkowiak pp 1797-1802
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