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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2009. Número 39 (10)

Dyadic and Triadic Behaviours in Infancy as Precursors to Later Social Responsiveness in Young Children with Autistic Disorder
Sally Clifford and Cheryl Dissanayake pp 1369-1380
Predicting Social Impairment and ASD Diagnosis in Younger Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Paul Yoder, Wendy L. Stone, Tedra Walden and Elizabeth Malesa pp 1381-1391
Laughter Differs in Children with Autism: An Acoustic Analysis of Laughs Produced by Children With and Without the Disorder
William J. Hudenko, Wendy Stone and Jo-Anne Bachorowski pp 1392-1400
Movement Planning and Reprogramming in Individuals With Autism
Natasha Nazarali, Cheryl M. Glazebrook and Digby Elliott pp 1401-1411
Investigation of Shifts in Autism Reporting in the California Department of Developmental Services
Judith K. Grether, Nila J. Rosen, Karen S. Smith and Lisa A. Croen pp 1412-1419
Using a Personal Digital Assistant to Increase Independent Task Completion by Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Linda C. Mechling, David L. Gast and Nicole H. Seid pp 1420-1434
Concept Mastery Routines to Teach Social Skills to Elementary Children with High Functioning Autism
Kelle M. Laushey, L. Juane Heflin, Margaret Shippen, Paul A. Alberto and Laura Fredrick pp 1435-1448
Sensory Impairments and Autism: A Re-Examination of Causal Modelling
Sue Gerrard and Gordon Rugg pp 1449-1463
Validity of the Children's Social Behavior Questionnaire (CSBQ) in Children with Intellectual Disability: Comparing the CSBQ with ADI-R, ADOS, and Clinical DSM-IV-TR Classification
Annelies de Bildt, Erik J. Mulder, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Natasja D. J. van Lang, Ruud B. Minderaa and Catharina A. Hartman pp 1464-1470
A Review of the Efficacy of the Picture Exchange Communication System Intervention
Deborah Preston and Mark Carter pp 1471-1486
Brief Report: Parental Age and the Sex Ratio in Autism
Alene Anello, Abraham Reichenberg, Xiaodong Luo, James Schmeidler, Eric Hollander, Christopher J. Smith, Connor M. Puleo, Lauren A. Kryzak and Jeremy M. Silverman pp 1487-1492
Eileen Miller: The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures
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