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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2008. Número 38 (5)

The Early Development of Joint Attention in Infants with Autistic Disorder Using Home Video Observations and Parental Interview
Sally M. Clifford and Cheryl Dissanayake pp 791-805
Theory of Mind in Williams Syndrome Assessed Using a Nonverbal Task
Melanie A. Porter; Max Coltheart and Robyn Langdon pp 806-814
Recess is Time-in: Using Peers to Improve Social Skills of Children with Autism
Christena Blauvelt Harper; Jennifer B. G. Symon and William D. Frea pp 815-826
The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers: A Follow-up Study Investigating the Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jamie M. Kleinman; Diana L. Robins; Pamela E. Ventola; Juhi Pandey; Hilary C. Boorstein; Emma L. Esser; Leandra B. Wilson; Michael A. Rosenthal; Saasha Sutera; Alyssa D. Verbalis; Marianne Barton; Sarah Hodgson; James Green; Thyde Dumont-Mathieu; Fred Volkmar; Katarzyna Chawarska; Ami Klin and Deborah Fein pp 827-839
The Boundaries of the Cognitive Phenotype of Autism: Theory of Mind, Central Coherence and Ambiguous Figure Perception in Young People with Autistic Traits
Catherine S. Best; Vivien J. Moffat; Michael J. Power; David G. C. Owens and Eve C. Johnstone pp 840-847
Reduced Bone Cortical Thickness in Boys with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mary L. Hediger; Lucinda J. England; Cynthia A. Molloy; Kai F. Yu; Patricia Manning-Courtney and James L. Mills pp 848-856
Play Behavior and Attachment in Toddlers with Autism
Fabiënne B. A. Naber;Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg; Marinus H. van IJzendoorn; Sophie H. N. Swinkels; Jan K. Buitelaar; Claudine Dietz; Emma van Daalen and Herman van Engeland pp 857-866
The Relationship Between Sensory Processing Patterns and Behavioural Responsiveness in Autistic Disorder: A Pilot Study
Amy E. Z. Baker; Alison Lane; Manya T. Angley and Robyn L. Young pp 867-875
A Comparative Analysis of Well-Being and Coping among Mothers of Toddlers and Mothers of Adolescents with ASD
Leann E. Smith; Marsha Mailick Seltzer; Helen Tager-Flusberg; Jan S. Greenberg and Alice S. Carter pp 876-889
Effectiveness of a Manualized Summer Social Treatment Program for High-Functioning Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Christopher Lopata; Marcus L. Thomeer; Martin A. Volker; Robert E. Nida and Gloria K. Lee pp 890-904
Mind-Reading in Young Adults with ASD: Does Structure Matter?
Koen Ponnet; Ann Buysse; Herbert Roeyers and Armand De Clercq pp 905-918
Typical Emotion Processing for Cartoon but not for Real Faces in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Delphine B. Rosset; Cécilie Rondan; David Da Fonseca; Andreia Santos; Brigitte Assouline and Christine Deruelle pp 919-925
Effects of the Use of Visual Strategies in Play Groups for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Peers
Jennifer B. Ganz and Margaret M. Flores pp 926-940
Coherent versus Component Motion Perception in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Myriam W. G. Vandenbroucke; H. Steven Scholte, Herman van Engeland; Victor A. F. Lamme and Chantal Kemner pp 941-949
Defining Autism Subgroups: A Taxometric Solution
David G. Ingram; T. Nicole Takahashi and Judith H. Miles pp 950-960
Autism Treatment Survey: Services Received by Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Public School Classrooms
Kristen L. Hess; Michael J. Morrier; L. Juane Heflin and Michelle L. Ivey pp 961-971
Brief Report: Excluding the ADI-R Behavioral Domain Improves Diagnostic Agreement in Toddlers
Lisa D. Wiggins and Diana L. Robins pp 972-976
Brief Report: Exposure and Response Prevention for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in a 12-year-old with Autism
Heather D. Lehmkuhl; Eric A. Storch; James W. Bodfish and Gary R. Geffken pp 977-981
Brief Report: An Autistic Spectrum Subtype Revealed Through Familial Psychopathology Coupled with Cognition in ASD
Renée Lajiness-O'Neill and Philip Menard pp 982-987
Brief Report: Human Figure Drawings by Children with Asperger's Syndrome
Hui Keow Lim and Virginia Slaughter pp 988-994
How to Test the Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism in Terms of Foetal Androgens?
Rebecca C. Knickmeyer; Simon Baron-Cohen; Bonnie Auyeung and Emma Ashwin pp 995-996
Male Brains, Androgen, and the Cognitive Profile in Autism: Convergent Evidence from 2D: 4D and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Christine M. Falter; Kate C. Plaisted and Greg Davis pp 997-998
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