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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2003. Número 33 (6)

The Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adolescence and Adulthood
Marsha Mailick Seltzer, Marty Wyngaarden Krauss, Paul T. Shattuck, Gael Orsmond, April Swe, Catherine Lord pp 565-581
Commitment to Philosophy, Teacher Efficacy, and Burnout Among Teachers of Children with Autism
Heather K. Jennett, Sandra L. Harris, Gary B. Mesibov pp 583-593
Measuring Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Children and Adolescents with Mental Retardation: A Comparison of Two Screening Instruments Used in a Study of the Total Mentally Retarded Population from a Designated Area
Annelies de Bildt, Sjoerd Sytema, Cees Ketelaars, Dirk Kraijer, Fred Volkmar, Ruud Minderaa pp 595-605
Language and Other Regression: Assessment and Timing
Wendy A. Goldberg, Kathy Osann, Pauline A. Filipek, Tracy Laulhere, Kelly Jarvis, Charlotte Modahl, Pamela Flodman, M. Anne Spence pp 607-616
Reliability and Validity of an Assessment Instrument for Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Among Individuals with Mental Retardation
Anna J. Esbensen, Johannes Rojahn, Michael G. Aman, Stephen Ruedrich pp 617-629
Parent Reports of Sensory Symptoms in Toddlers with Autism and Those with Other Developmental Disorders
Sally J. Rogers, Susan Hepburn, Elizabeth Wehner pp 631-642
Postural Stability in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cynthia A. Molloy, Kim N. Dietrich, Amit Bhattacharya pp 643-652
Development and Evaluation of a Computer-Animated Tutor for Vocabulary and Language Learning in Children with Autism
Alexis Bosseler, Dominic W. Massaro pp 653-672
Effect of Sensory Feedback on Immediate Object Imitation in Children with Autism
Brooke Ingersoll, Laura Schreibman, Quy H. Tran pp 673-683
Examining the Effectiveness of an Outpatient Clinic-Based Social Skills Group for High-Functioning Children with Autism
Tammy D. Barry, Laura Grofer Klinger, Joycelyn M. Lee, Nicole Palardy, Tiffany Gilmore, S. Douglas Bodin pp 685-701
The CBCL and the Identification of Children with Autism and Related Conditions in Brazil: Pilot Findings
Cristiane S. Duarte, Isabel A. S. Bordin, Albeni de Oliveira, Hector Bird pp 703-707
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