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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2003. Número 33 (2)

Responses and Sustained Interactions in Children with Mental Retardation and Autism
Carlos T. Jackson, Deborah Fein, Julie Wolf, Garland Jones, Margaret Hauck, Lynn Waterhouse, Carl Feinstein pp 115-121
General Education Teachers' Relationships with Included Students with Autism
Kristen Robertson, Brandt Chamberlain, Connie Kasari pp 123-130
Effects of a Model Treatment Approach on Adults with Autism
Mary E. Van Bourgondien, Nancy C. Reichle, Eric Schopler pp 131-140
Behavioral Adjustment of Siblings of Children with Autism Engaged in Applied Behavior Analysis Early Intervention Programs: The Moderating Role of Social Support
Richard P. Hastings pp 141-150
Long-Term Memory in High-Functioning Autism: Controversy on Episodic Memory in Autism Reconsidered
Motomi Toichi, Yoko Kamio pp 151-161
Autism-Related Language, Personality, and Cognition in People with Absolute Pitch: Results of a Preliminary Study
Walter A. Brown, Karen Cammuso, Henry Sachs, Brian Winklosky, Julie Mullane, Raphael Bernier, Sarah Svenson, Deborah Arin, Beth Rosen-Sheidley, Susan E. Folstein pp 163-167

Commentary: Autism-Related Language, Personality, and Cognition in People with Absolute Pitch: Results of the Preliminary Study

Bernard A. Rimland pp 169-169
Case Report: Angelman Syndrome in an Individual with a Small SMC(15) and Paternal Uniparental Disomy: A Case Report with Reference to the Assessment of Cognitive Functioning and Autistic Symptomatology
Russell John Thompson, Patrick F. Bolton pp 171-176
Partial Tetrasomy of Chromosome 3q and Mosaicism in a Child with Autism
Guiomar Oliveira, Eunice Matoso, Astrid Vicente, Patricia Ribeiro, Carla Marques, Assuncao Ataíde, Teresa Miguel, Jorge Saraiva, Isabel Carreira pp 177-185
The Yield of the Medical Evaluation of Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Thomas D. Challman, William J. Barbaresi, Slavica K. Katusic, Amy Weaver pp 187-192
Two Children with Muscular Dystrophies Ascertained Due to Referral for Diagnosis of Autism
Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Mark Tarnopolsky pp 193-199
Autism and Phenylketonuria
Sabrina Baieli, Lorenzo Pavone, Concetta Meli, Agata Fiumara, Mary Coleman pp 201-204
Brief Report: Pitocin Induction in Autistic and Nonautistic Individuals
Susan Gale, Sally Ozonoff, Janet Lainhart pp 205-208
Brief Report: Cognitive Correlates of Enlarged Head Circumference in Children with Autism
Curtis K. Deutsch, Robert M. Joseph pp 209-215
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