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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2005. Número 35 (6)

Challenges in Evaluating Psychosocial Interventions for Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Catherine Lord; Ann Wagner; Sally Rogers; Peter Szatmari; Michael Aman; Tony Charman; Geraldine Dawson; V. Mark Durand; Lee Grossman; Donald Guthrie; Sandra Harris; Connie Kasari; Lee Marcus; Susan Murphy; Samuel Odom; Andrew Pickles; Lawrence Scahill; Evelyn Shaw; Bryna Siegel; Marian Sigman; Wendy Stone; Tristram Smith; Paul Yoder pp 695-708
Commentary: Comments on "Challenges in Evaluating Psychosocial Intervention for Autistic Spectrum Disorders" by Lord et al
Eric Schopler pp 709-711
Gastrointestinal Factors in Autistic Disorder: A Critical Review
Craig A. Erickson; Kimberly A. Stigler; Mark R. Corkins; David J. Posey; Joseph F. Fitzgerald; Christopher J. McDougle pp 713-727

Spatial Cognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Superior, Impaired, or Just Intact?
Jamie O. Edgin; Bruce F. Pennington pp 729-745
Verbal and Spatial Working Memory in Autism
Diane L. Williams; Gerald Goldstein; Patricia A. Carpenter; Nancy J. Minshew pp 747-756
A Training Study of Theory of Mind and Executive Function in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Naomi Fisher; Francesca Happé pp 757-771
Global-Local Precedence in the Perception of Facial Age and Emotional Expression by Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
Thomas F. Gross pp 773-785
Interval and Contour Processing in Autism
Pamela Heaton pp 787-793
An Evaluation of the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale
Luc Lecavalier pp 795-805
The Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA): A Diagnostic Method
Simon Baron-Cohen; Sally Wheelwright; Janine Robinson; Marc Woodbury-Smith pp 807-819

Pre-Linguistic Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Adapted for Older Individuals with Severe to Profound Mental Retardation: A Pilot Study
Sibel Kazak Berument; Elizabeth Starr; Andrew Pickles; Megan Tomlins; Katerina Papanikolauou; Catherine Lord; Michael Rutter pp 821-829

Dysbindin (DTNBP1, 6p22.3) is Associated with Childhood-Onset Psychosis and Endophenotypes Measured by the Premorbid Adjustment Scale (PAS)
M. C. Gornick; A. M. Addington; A. Sporn, N. Gogtay; D. Greenstein, M. Lenane; P. Gochman; A. Ordonez; R. Balkissoon; R. Vakkalanka; D. R. Weinberger; J. L. Rapoport; R. E. Straub pp 831-838
Teaching Children with Autism when Reward is Delayed. The Effects of Two Kinds of Marking Stimuli

Corinna F. Grindle; Bob Remington pp 839-850
Stimulus Over-selectivity in Rats
Evelyn Gibson; Phil Reed pp 851-859
Brief Report: Relations between Prosodic Performance and Communication and Socialization Ratings in High Functioning Speakers with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Rhea Paul; Lawrence D. Shriberg; Jane McSweeny; Domenic Cicchetti, Ami Klin; Fred Volkmar pp 861-869
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