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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2005. Número 35 (1)

Access and Service Use by Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Medicaid Managed Care

Lisa A. Ruble, Craig Anne Heflinger, J. William Renfrew, et al. pp 3-13
Improvement in Cognitive and Language Skills from Preschool to Adolescence in Autism

Marian Sigman and Corina W. McGovern pp 15-23
Diagnostic Assessment of Asperger's Disorder: A Review of Five Third-Party Rating Scales

Jonathan M. Campbell pp 25-35

Psychometric Properties of the Chinese Version of the Psycho-educational Profile-Revised (CPEP-R)
Daniel T. L. Shek, Sandra K. M. Tsang, Lorinda L. Lam, et al. pp 37-44
The Application of Short Forms of the Wechsler Intelligence Scales in Adults and Children with High Functioning Autism

Nancy J. Minshew, Catherine A. Turner, Gerald Goldstein pp 45-52
The Psychometric Properties of the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales in Children and Adolescents with Mental Retardation

Annelies de Bildt, Dirk Kraijer, Sjoerd Sytema, et al. pp 53-62

Weak Central Coherence and Its Relations to Theory of Mind and Anxiety in Autism

Courtney P. Burnette, Peter C. Mundy, Jessica A. Meyer, et al. pp 63-73

Three Types of Source Monitoring by Children With and Without Autism: The Role of Executive Function

Suzanne Hala, Carmen Rasmussen, Annette M. E. Henderson pp 75-89
Goal Directed Locomotion and Balance Control in Autistic Children

S. Vernazza-Martin, N. Martin, A. Vernazza, et al. pp 91-102

Specific Genetic Disorders and Autism: Clinical Contribution Towards their Identification

David Cohen, Nadège Pichard, Sylvie Tordjman, et al. pp 103-116
A Paternally Inherited Duplication in the Prader-Willi/ Angelman Syndrome Critical Region: A Case and Family Study

Marijcke W. M. Veltman, Russell J. Thompson, Ellen E. Craig, et al. pp 117-127
Brief Report: Autistic Traits in Twins Vs. Non-Twins A Preliminary Study
Alexander Ho, Richard D. Todd, John N. Constantino pp 129-133
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