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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2007. Número 37 (6)

The Efficacy of a 9-Month Treadmill Walking Program on the Exercise Capacity and Weight Reduction for Adolescents with Severe Autism
Kenneth H. Pitetti; Andrew D. Rendoff; Travis Grover and Michael W. Beets pp 997-1006
Beyond Pragmatics: Morphosyntactic Development in Autism
Inge-Marie Eigsti; Loisa Bennetto and Mamta B. Dadlani pp 1007-1023
A Longitudinal Study of Pretend Play in Autism
M. D. Rutherford; Gregory S. Young; Susan Hepburn and Sally J. Rogers pp 1024-1039
Network Model of Decreased Context Utilization in Autism Spectrum Disorder
David Q. Beversdorf; Ananth Narayanan; Ashleigh Hillier and John D. Hughes pp 1040-1048
Use of Context in Pragmatic Language Comprehension by Children with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism
Soile Loukusa; Eeva Leinonen; Sanna Kuusikko; Katja Jussila; Marja-Leena Mattila; Nuala Ryder; Hanna Ebeling and Irma Moilanen pp 1049-1059
The Adjustment of Non-Disabled Siblings of Children with Autism
Ryan J. Macks y Ronald E. Reeve pp 1060-1067
Executive Function in Preschoolers with Autism: Evidence Consistent with a Secondary Deficit
Benjamin E. Yerys; Susan L. Hepburn; Bruce F. Pennington and Sally J. Rogers pp 1068-1079
Behaviour Management Problems as Predictors of Psychotropic Medication and Use of Psychiatric Services in Adults with Autism
Elias Tsakanikos; Helen Costello; Geraldine Holt; Peter Sturmey and Nick Bouras pp 1080-1085
Emotion Perception in Asperger's Syndrome and High-functioning Autism: The Importance of Diagnostic Criteria and Cue Intensity
Carla A. Mazefsky and Donald P. Oswald pp 1086-1095
The 'Reading the Mind in the Voice' Test-Revised: A Study of Complex Emotion Recognition in Adults with and Without Autism Spectrum Conditions
Ofer Golan; Simon Baron-Cohen; Jacqueline J. Hill and M. D. Rutherford pp 1096-1106
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