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Journal of autism and developmental disorders

Año 2007. Número 37 (1)

The Very Early Autism Phenotype
Nurit Yirmiya and Sally Ozonoff pp 1-11
A Prospective Case Series of High-risk Infants who Developed Autism
Susan E. Bryson; Lonnie Zwaigenbaum; Jessica Brian; Wendy Roberts; Peter Szatmari; Vicki Rombough and Catherine McDermott pp 12-24
Stereotyped Motor Behaviors Associated with Autism in High-risk Infants: A Pilot Videotape Analysis of a Sibling Sample
Alvin Loh; Teesta Soman; Jessica Brian; Susan E. Bryson; Wendy Roberts; Peter Szatmari; Isabel M. Smith and Lonnie Zwaigenbaum pp 25-36
Response to Joint Attention in Toddlers at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Prospective Study
Michelle Sullivan; Julianna Finelli; Alison Marvin; Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer; Margaret Bauman and Rebecca Landa pp 37-48
The First Year Inventory: Retrospective Parent Responses to a Questionnaire Designed to Identify One-Year-Olds at Risk for Autism
Linda R. Watson; Grace T. Baranek; Elizabeth R. Crais; J. Steven Reznick, Jessica Dykstra and Twyla Perryman pp 49-61
Parental Recognition of Developmental Problems in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Katarzyna Chawarska; Rhea Paul, Ami Klin; Sarah Hannigen; Laura E. Dichtel and Fred Volkmar pp 62-72
Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jennifer Richler; Somer L. Bishop; Jennifer R. Kleinke and Catherine Lord pp 73-85
Sex Differences in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Alice S. Carter; David O. Black; Sonia Tewani; Christine E. Connolly; Mary Beth Kadlec and Helen Tager-Flusberg pp 86-97
Predictors of Optimal Outcome in Toddlers Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Saasha Sutera; Juhi Pandey; Emma L. Esser; Michael A. Rosenthal; Leandra B. Wilson; Marianne Barton; James Green; Sarah Hodgson; Diana L. Robins; Thyde Dumont-Mathieu and Deborah Fein pp 98-107
Visual Fixation Patterns during Reciprocal Social Interaction Distinguish a Subgroup of 6-Month-Old Infants At-Risk for Autism from Comparison Infants
Noah Merin; Gregory S. Young; Sally Ozonoff and Sally J. Rogers pp 108-121
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