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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2018. Número 53 (5)

Research Reports
Cough response to aspiration in thin and thick fluids during FEES in hospitalized inpatients
Anna Miles Mary McFarlane Samantha Scott Alexandra Hunting
‘I've got to get something out of it. And so do they’: experiences of people with aphasia and university students participating in a communication partner training programme for healthcare professionals
Ashley Cameron Kyla Hudson Emma Finch Jennifer Fleming Jennifer Lethlean Steven McPhail
Parent-directed commentaries during children's hearing habilitation appointments: a practice in family-centred care
Katie Ekberg Nerina Scarinci Louise Hickson Carly Meyer
Effectiveness of a small-group vocabulary intervention programme: evidence from a regression discontinuity design
Hannah Dyson Jonathan Solity Wendy Best Charles Hulme
Receptive and expressive language characteristics of school-aged children with non-syndromic cleft lip and/or palate
Jessica O. Boyce Nicky Kilpatrick Sheena Reilly Annette Da Costa Angela T. Morgan
Predictive validity of verbal and non-verbal communication and mother–child turn-taking at 12 months on language outcomes at 24 and 36 months in a cohort of infants experiencing adversity: a preliminary study
Jodie Smith Tricia Eadie Penny Levickis Lesley Bretherton Sharon Goldfeld
Engaging people experiencing communication disability in stroke rehabilitation: a qualitative study
Felicity A. S. Bright Nicola M. Kayes Kathryn M. McPherson Linda E. Worrall
Intervention for children with phonological impairment: Knowledge, practices and intervention intensity in the UK
Natalie Hegarty Jill Titterington Sharynne McLeod Laurence Taggart
Coordination is key: Joint attention and vocalisation in infant siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Perrine Heymann Jessie B. Northrup Kelsey L. West Meaghan V. Parladé Nina B. Leezenbaum Jana M. Iverson
The Acute Aphasia IMplementation Study (AAIMS): a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial
Kirstine Shrubsole Linda Worrall Emma Power Denise A. O'Connor
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