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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2018. Número 53 (4)

What ‘form’ does informal assessment take? A scoping review of the informal assessment literature for aphasia
Jennifer Thomson Melanie Gee Karen Sage Traci Walker
Impact of thermo-tactile stimulation on the speed and efficiency of swallowing: a systematic review
Maria Schwarz Elizabeth C. Ward Jane Ross Adam Semciw
Discourse and cognition in speakers with acquired brain injury (ABI): a systematic review
Elizabeth Hill Mary Claessen Anne Whitworth Mark Boyes Roslyn Ward
Service delivery and intervention intensity for phonology-based speech sound disorders
Eleanor Sugden Elise Baker Natalie Munro A. Lynn Williams Carol M. Trivette
Research Reports
Investigation of the language tasks to include in a short-language measure for children in the early school years
Jessica Matov Fiona Mensah Fallon Cook Sheena Reilly
Cultural adaptation and psychometric testing of The Scenario Test UK for people with aphasia
Katerina Hilari Lara Galante Anneline Huck Madeleine Pritchard Lucy Allen Lucy Dipper
Assessment of voice, speech and communication changes associated with cervical spinal cord injury
Kerstin Johansson Åke Seiger Malin Forsén Jeanette Holmgren Nilsson Lena Hartelius Ellika Schalling
Clinicians’ views of the training, use and maintenance of phonetic transcription in speech and language therapy
Rachael-Anne Knight Chandni Bandali Clare Woodhead Parul Vansadia
Children with cochlear implants in infancy: predictors of early vocabulary
Edith L. Bavin Julia Sarant Greg Leigh Luke Prendergast Peter Busby Candida Peterson
Quality of life in children with developmental language disorder
Patricia Eadie Laura Conway Birgit Hallenstein Fiona Mensah Cristina McKean Sheena Reilly
Morphosyntactic abilities of toddlers with hearing impairment and normal hearing: evidence from a sentence-repetition task
Rama Novogrodsky Natalia Meir Rachel Michael
Effect of type of language therapy on expressive language skills in patients with post-stroke aphasia
Jasmina Vuksanovic Tanja Milovanovic Ljubica Konstantinovic Saša R. Filipovic
The effects of enactment on communicative competence in aphasic casual conversation: a functional linguistic perspective
Rimke Groenewold Elizabeth Armstrong
Effect of motor-based speech intervention on articulatory placement in the treatment of a posterior nasal fricative: a preliminary MRI study on a single subject
Kazlin N. Mason Eshan Pua Jamie L. Perry
Quality of life and swallowing questionnaire for individuals with Parkinson's disease: development and validation
Juliana Garcia Diniz Alfredo Carlos da Silva Ana Caline Nóbrega
What does it take to stress a word? Digital manipulation of stress markers in ataxic dysarthria
Anja Lowit Tolulope Ijitona Anja Kuschmann Stephen Corson John Soraghan
Identifying language impairment in bilingual children in France and in Germany
Laurice Tuller Cornelia Hamann Solveig Chilla Sandrine Ferré Eléonore Morin Philippe Prevost Christophe dos Santos Lina Abed Ibrahim Racha Zebib
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