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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2018. Número 53 (3)

Syntax and reading comprehension: a meta-analysis of different spoken-syntax assessments
Danielle Brimo Emily Lund Alysha Sapp
A systematic review and classification of interventions for speech-sound disorder in preschool children
Yvonne Wren Sam Harding Juliet Goldbart Sue Roulstone
Research Reports
Comparison of paired and single clinical placement models: a time-use analysis
Marita Bhagwat Ronelle Hewetson Lee Jones Anne Hill Jennifer Nunn Rachel Tosh Louise Cahill
Effectiveness of vocabulary intervention for older children with (developmental) language disorder
Lisa Wright Tim Pring Susan Ebbels
Tense and plural formation in Welsh–English bilingual children with and without language impairment
Vasiliki Chondrogianni Nerys John
Cognate effects and cognitive control in patients with parallel and differential bilingual aphasia
Lize Van der Linden Nele Verreyt Miet De Letter Dimitri Hemelsoet Peter Mariën Patrick Santens Michaël Stevens Arnaud Szmalec Wouter Duyck
What really matters to people with aphasia when it comes to group work? A qualitative investigation of factors impacting participation and integration
Lucette Lanyon Linda Worrall Miranda Rose
What is needed to prepare speech pathologists to work in adult palliative care?
Ashleigh Pascoe Lauren J. Breen Naomi Cocks
Speech and language therapists’ perspectives of therapeutic alliance construction and maintenance in aphasia rehabilitation post-stroke
Michelle Lawton Karen Sage Gillian Haddock Paul Conroy Laura Serrant
Familiar communication partners’ facilitation of topic management in conversations with individuals with dementia
Karinna Hall Christopher Lind Jessica A. Young Elise Okell Willem van Steenbrugge
Speech characteristics in the congenital and childhood-onset forms of myotonic dystrophy type 1
Lotta Sjögreen Åsa Mårtensson Anne-Berit Ekström
Integration of speech and gesture in aphasia
Naomi Cocks Suzanne Byrne Madeleine Pritchard Gary Morgan Lucy Dipper
Writing fluency in patients with low-grade glioma before and after surgery
Malin Antonsson Charlotte Johansson Lena Hartelius Ingrid Henriksson Francesca Longoni Åsa Wengelin
Development of a language screening instrument for Swedish 4-year-olds
Ann Lavesson Martin Lövdén Kristina Hansson
A pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of an individualized and cognitive behavioural communication intervention for informal carers of people with dementia: The Talking Sense programme
Colin J. Barnes Chris Markham
Speech understanding in noise in elderly adults: the effect of inhibitory control and syntactic complexity
Eline C. van Knijff Martine Coene Paul J. Govaerts
Family aggregation of language impairment in an isolated Chilean population from Robinson Crusoe Island
Zulema De Barbieri María Angélica Fernández Dianne F. Newbury Pía Villanueva
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