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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2018. Número 53 (1)

Research Reports
Early vocabulary development in children with bilateral cochlear implants
Taina Välimaa Sari Kunnari Päivi Laukkanen-Nevala Eila Lonka the National Clinical Research Team
Supporting people with aphasia to ‘settle into a new way to be’: speech and language therapists’ views on providing psychosocial support
Sarah Northcott Alan Simpson Becky Moss Nafiso Ahmed Katerina Hilari
Plugging the patient evidence gap: what patients with swallowing disorders post-stroke say about thickened liquids
Arlene McCurtin Chiara Healy Linda Kelly Fiona Murphy Jean Ryan Joanne Walsh
Brief mindfulness meditation group training in aphasia: exploring attention, language and psychophysiological outcomes
Rebecca Shisler Marshall Jacqueline Laures-Gore Kim Love
Metacognition in speech and language therapy for children with social (pragmatic) communication disorders: implications for a theory of therapy
Jacqueline Gaile Catherine Adams
Spontaneous language production of Italian children with cochlear implants and their mothers in two interactive contexts
Marinella Majorano Laura Guidotti Letizia Guerzoni Alessandra Murri Marika Morelli Domenico Cuda Manuela Lavelli
The comprehensibility of pantomimes produced by people with aphasia
Karin van Nispen W.M.E. Mieke E. van de Sandt-Koenderman Emiel Krahmer
Stakeholders’ qualitative perspectives of effective telepractice pedagogy in speech–language pathology
Megan S. Overby
Examining the association between language, expository discourse and offending behaviour: an investigation of direction, strength and independence
Thomas Hopkins Judy Clegg Joy Stackhouse
Influence of timing of delayed hard palate closure on articulation skills in 3-year-old Danish children with unilateral cleft lip and palate
Elisabeth Willadsen Maria Boers Antje Schöps Mia Kisling-Møller Joan Bogh Nielsen Line Dahl Jørgensen Mikael Andersen Stig Bolund Helene Søgaard Andersen
The Test of Masticating and Swallowing Solids (TOMASS): reliability, validity and international normative data
Maggie-Lee Huckabee Theresa McIntosh Laura Fuller Morgan Curry Paige Thomas Margaret Walshe Ellen McCague Irene Battel Dalia Nogueira Ulrike Frank Lenie van den Engel-Hoek Oshrat Sella-Weiss
Semantic fluency in deaf children who use spoken and signed language in comparison with hearing peers
C. R. Marshall A. Jones A. Fastelli J. Atkinson N. Botting G. Morgan
Vocal and gestural productions of 24-month-old children with sex chromosome trisomies
Laura Zampini Lara Draghi Gaia Silibello Francesca Dall'Ara Claudia Rigamonti Chiara Suttora Paola Zanchi Nicoletta Salerni Faustina Lalatta Paola Vizziello
Acoustic changes in the speech of children with cerebral palsy following an intensive program of dysarthria therapy
Lindsay Pennington Eftychia Lombardo Nick Steen Nick Miller
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