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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2017. Número 52 (6)

Reviewing the quality of discourse information measures in aphasia
Madeleine Pritchard Katerina Hilari Naomi Cocks Lucy Dipper
Research Reports
Treatment integrity of elaborated semantic feature analysis aphasia therapy delivered in individual and group settings
Vasiliki Kladouchou Ilias Papathanasiou Eva A. Efstratiadou Vasiliki Christaki Katerina Hilari
Grammaticality differences between Spanish-speaking children with specific language impairment and their typically developing peers
Donna Jackson-Maldonado Ricardo Maldonado
Can you tell it by the prime? A study of metaphorical priming in high-functioning autism in comparison with matched controls
Sobh Chahboun Valentin Vulchanov David Saldaña Hendrik Eshuis Mila Vulchanova
Evaluation of an interview skills training package for adolescents with speech, language and communication needs
Rachel Mathrick Tina Meagher Courtenay Frazier Norbury
A survey of speech–language therapy provision for people with post-stroke dysarthria in the UK
Nick Miller Steven Bloch
Theory of mind in SLI revisited: links with syntax, comparisons with ASD
Stephanie Durrleman Morgane Burnel Anne Reboul
Associations between the Transsexual Voice Questionnaire (TVQMtF) and self-report of voice femininity and acoustic voice measures
Georgia Dacakis Jennifer Oates Jacinta Douglas
Associations between expressive and receptive language and internalizing and externalizing behaviours in a community-based prospective study of slow-to-talk toddlers
Laura J. Conway Penny A. Levickis Fiona Mensah Cristina McKean Kylie Smith Sheena Reilly
Consensus-building on developing dysphagia competence: a North West of England perspective
Susan Guthrie John Lancaster Jois Stansfield
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