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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2017. Número 52 (4)

Everyday conversation in dementia: a review of the literature to inform research and practice
Jacqueline Kindell John Keady Karen Sage Ray Wilkinson
A systematic scoping review of speech and language therapists’ public health practice for early language development
Clare Smith Emma Williams Karen Bryan
Research Reports
Inter-professional education of prospective speech–language therapists and primary school teachers through shared professional practice placements
Leanne Wilson Brigid McNeill Gail T. Gillon
Does the recording medium influence phonetic transcription of cleft palate speech?
Kristina Klintö Anette Lohmander
Inter-rater reliability for speech–language therapists’ judgement of oesophageal abnormality during oesophageal visualization
Anna Miles
Sentence comprehension in Slovak-speaking patients with Alzheimer's disease
Jana Marková Lubica Horváthová Mária Králová Zsolt Cséfalvay
Inducing speech errors in dysarthria using tongue twisters
Heather Kember Kathryn Connaghan Rupal Patel
Ingressive speech errors: a service evaluation of speech-sound therapy in a child aged 4;6
Laura Hrastelj Rachael-Anne Knight
Language development, delay and intervention-the views of parents from communities that speech and language therapy managers in England consider to be under-served
Julie Marshall Sam Harding Sue Roulstone
Cognitive task demands and discourse performance after traumatic brain injury
Lindsey Byom Lyn S. Turkstra
A qualitative case study in the social capital of co-professional collaborative co-practice for children with speech, language and communication needs
Cristina McKean James Law Karen Laing Maria Cockerill Jan Allon-Smith Elspeth McCartney Joan Forbes
Effectiveness of 1:1 speech and language therapy for older children with (developmental) language disorder
Susan H. Ebbels Lisa Wright Sally Brockbank Caroline Godfrey Catherine Harris Hannah Leniston Kate Neary Hilary Nicoll Lucy Nicoll Jackie Scott Natasa Maric
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