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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2015. Número 50 (5)

Research Reports
Impacts of parent-implemented early-literacy intervention for Spanish-speaking children with language impairment
Amy S. Pratt, Laura M. Justice, Ashanty Perez and Lillian K. Duran
A Taiwanese Mandarin Main Concept Analysis (TM-MCA) for quantification of aphasic oral discourse
Anthony Pak-Hin Kong and Chun-Chih Yeh
Remedial early numeracy education: can children identified as having a language deficiency benefit?
Johannes E. H. Van Luit and Sylke W. M. Toll
Temporal information processing as a basis for auditory comprehension: clinical evidence from aphasic patients
Anna Oron, Aneta Szymaszek and Elzbieta Szelag
Sign-Supported English: is it effective at teaching vocabulary to young children with English as an Additional Language?
Chloë R. Marshall and Angela Hobsbaum
Word production inconsistency of Singaporean-English-speaking adolescents with Down Syndrome
Betty Wong, Chris Brebner, Paul McCormack and Andy Butcher
Measuring pragmatic skills: early detection of infants at risk for communication problems
Mie Cocquyt, Maurice Yves Mommaerts, Hazel Dewart and Inge Zink
Short Reports
Swallowing disorders in Parkinson's disease: impact of lingual pumping
Natalie Argolo, Marília Sampaio, Patrícia Pinho, Ailton Melo and Ana Caline Nóbrega
Non-attendance and utilization of a speech and language therapy service: a retrospective pilot study of school-aged referrals
Amy Curran, Catherine Flynn, Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott and Rena Lyons
The state of the art in non-pharmacological interventions for developmental stuttering. Part 1: a systematic review of effectiveness
Susan Baxter, Maxine Johnson, Lindsay Blank, Anna Cantrell, Shelagh Brumfitt, Pam Enderby and Elizabeth Goyder
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