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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2015. Número 50 (3)

Research Reports
"MetaTaal": enhancing complex syntax in children with specific language impairment—a metalinguistic and multimodal approach
Rob Zwitserlood, Frank Wijnen, Marjolijn van Weerdenburg and Ludo Verhoeven
Word structures of Granada Spanish-speaking preschoolers with typical versus protracted phonological development
B. May Bernhardt, R. Hanson, D. Perez, C. Ávila, C. Lleó, J. P. Stemberger, G. Carballo, E. Mendoza, D. Fresneda and M. Chávez-Peón
Extra-linguistic influences on sentence comprehension in Italian-speaking children with and without specific language impairment
P. Pettenati, E. Benassi, P. Deevy, L. B. Leonard and M. C. Caselli
Outcomes of treatment targeting syntax production in people with Broca's-type aphasia: evidence from psycholinguistic assessment tasks and everyday conversation
Marcella Carragher, Karen Sage and Paul Conroy
Nonword repetition errors of children with and without specific language impairments (SLI)
Heidi L. Burke and Jeffry A. Coady
Effects of video exposure to cluttering on undergraduate students’ perceptions of a person who clutters
Lindsey M. Farrell, Paul G. Blanchet and Kim L. Tillery
Early language impairments and developmental pathways of emotional problems across childhood
Shaun Goh Kok Yew and Richard O'Kearney
Management of non-progressive dysarthria: practice patterns of speech and language therapists in the Republic of Ireland
Aifric Conway and Margaret Walshe
Preliminary evidence of the effects of high-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on swallowing functions in post-stroke individuals with chronic dysphagia
Ivy K. Y. Cheng, Karen M. K. Chan, C. S. Wong and Raymond T. F. Cheung
Short Report
Viscosity of dysphagia-oriented cold-thickened beverages: effect of setting time at refrigeration temperature
Sung-Gun Kim and Byoungseung Yoo
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