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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2014. Número 49 (6)

Research Reports
Thinking aloud: effects on text comprehension by children with specific language impairment and their peers
Brenna McClintock, Diane Pesco and Sandra Martin-Chang
How much exposure to English is necessary for a bilingual toddler to perform like a monolingual peer in language tests?
Allegra Cattani, Kirsten Abbot-Smith, Rafalla Farag, Andrea Krott, Frédérique Arreckx, Ian Dennis and Caroline Floccia
Content validity of the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for multiple sclerosis from the perspective of speech and language therapists
Marta Renom, Andrea Conrad, Helena Bascuñana, Alarcos Cieza, Ingrid Galán, Jürg Kesselring and Michaela Coenen
Speech and language therapists’ approaches to communication intervention with children and adults with profound and multiple learning disability
Juliet Goldbart, Darren Chadwick and Susan Buell
Language development of children born following intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) combined with assisted oocyte activation (AOA)
Evelien D'haeseleer, Frauke Vanden Meerschaut, Kim Bettens, Anke Luyten, Hannelore Gysels, Ylenia Thienpont, Griet De Witte, Björn Heindryckx, Ann Oostra, Herbert Roeyers, Petra De Sutter and Kristiane van Lierde
Semantic trouble sources and their repair in conversations affected by Parkinson's disease
Charlotta Saldert, Ulrika Ferm and Steven Bloch
Communicative strategies used by spouses of individuals with communication disorders related to stroke-induced aphasia and Parkinson's disease
Emilia Carlsson, Lena Hartelius and Charlotta Saldert
Specific language impairment in language-minority children from low-income families
Pascale M. J. Engel de Abreu, Anabela Cruz-Santos and Marina L. Puglisi
Speech–language therapists’ process of including significant others in aphasia rehabilitation
Marie-Christine Hallé, Guylaine Le Dorze and Anne Mingant
Gesture–speech integration in children with specific language impairment
Elina Mainela-Arnold, Martha W. Alibali, Autumn B. Hostetter and Julia L. Evans
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