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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2014. Número 49 (2)

Research Reports
A comparison of aphasia therapy outcomes before and after a Very Early Rehabilitation programme following stroke
Erin Godecke, Natalie A. Ciccone, Andrew S. Granger, Tapan Rai, Deborah West, Angela Cream, Jade Cartwright and Graeme J. Hankey
Syntactic versus lexical therapy for anomia in acquired aphasia: differential effects on narrative and conversation
Ruth Herbert, Emma Gregory and Wendy Best
‘I am not a tragedy. I am full of hope’: communication impairment narratives in newspapers
Mary-Pat O Malley-Keighran and Mary Coleman
Impact of placement type on the development of clinical competency in speech–language pathology students
Lyndal Sheepway, Michelle Lincoln and Sue McAllister
Maternal input to children with specific language impairment during shared book reading: is mothers’ language in tune with their children's production?
Marinella Majorano and Manuela Lavelli
Stability of language performance at 4 and 5 years: measurement and participant variability
Patricia Eadie, Cattram Nguyen, John Carlin, Edith Bavin, Lesley Bretherton and Sheena Reilly
Assessment of intelligibility using children's spontaneous speech: methodological aspects
Tove B. Lagerberg, Jakob Asberg, Lena Hartelius and Christina Persson
Phonology in Swedish-speaking 3-year-olds born with cleft lip and palate and the relationship with consonant production at 18 months
Kristina Klintö, Eva-Kristina-Salameh, Maria Olsson, Traci Flynn, Henry Svensson and Anette Lohmander
Relative clause constructions in children with specific language impairment
Pauline Frizelle and Paul Fletcher
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