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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2013. Número 48 (6)

Measuring up to speech intelligibility
Nick Miller
Research Reports
The performance of standardized patients in portraying clinical scenarios in speech–language therapy
Anne E. Hill, Bronwyn J. Davidson and Deborah G. Theodoros
Nonword repetition and phoneme elision skills in school-age children who do and do not stutter
Jayanthi Sasisekaran and Courtney Byrd
Effect of maxillary osteotomy on speech in cleft lip and palate: perceptual outcomes of velopharyngeal function
Valerie J. Pereira, Debbie Sell and Jyrki Tuomainen
Comprehension of sarcasm, metaphor and simile in Williams syndrome
Kali Godbee and Melanie Porter
Video feedback intervention: a case series in the context of childhood hearing impairment
Deborah M. James, Meghana B. Wadnerkar-Kamble and Christa Lam-Cassettari
Story discourse and use of mental state language between mothers and school-aged children with and without visual impairment
Valerija Tadic, Linda Pring and Naomi Dale
Investigation of practices to support the complex communication needs of children with hearing impairment and cerebral palsy in a rural district of Kenya: a case series
Karen Bunning, Joseph K. Gona, Susan Buell, Charles R. Newton and Sally Hartley
Public attitudes toward stuttering in Poland
Aneta M. Przepiorka, Agata Blachnio, Kenneth O. St. Louis and Tomasz Wozniak
Linguistic and pragmatic skills in toddlers with cochlear implant
Pasquale Rinaldi, Francesca Baruffaldi, Sandro Burdo and Maria Cristina Caselli
Which are the best predictors of theory of mind delay in children with specific language impairment?
Clara Andrés-Roqueta, Juan E. Adrian, Rosa A. Clemente and Napoleon Katsos
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