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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2013. Número 48 (4)

Research Reports
ERPs reveal atypical processing of subject versus object Wh-questions in children with specific language impairment
Baila Epstein, Arild Hestvik, Valerie L. Shafer and Richard G. Schwartz
Perceptions of the design of voice output communication aids
Simon Judge and Gillian Townend
Verb inflection in monolingual Dutch and sequential bilingual Turkish–Dutch children with and without SLI
Elma Blom, Jan de Jong, Antje Orgassa, Anne Baker and Fred Weerman
Speech and language therapy students: how do those with ‘non traditional’ university entry qualifications perform?
Christina H. Smith, Matt Mahon and Caroline Newton
The Living with Dysarthria group for post-stroke dysarthria: the participant voice
C. Mackenzie, S. Kelly, G. Paton, M. Brady and M. Muir
A randomized, rater-blinded, parallel trial of intensive speech therapy in sub-acute post-stroke aphasia: the SP-I-R-IT study
Isabel Pavão Martins, Gabriela Leal, Isabel Fonseca, Luísa Farrajota, Marta Aguiar, José Fonseca, Martin Lauterbach, Luís Gonçalves, M. Carmo Cary, Joaquim J. Ferreira and Jose M. Ferro
Longitudinal profiles of expressive vocabulary, syntax and pragmatic language in boys with fragile X syndrome or Down syndrome
Gary E. Martin, Molly Losh, Bruno Estigarribia, John Sideris and Joanne Roberts
Teaching evidence-based practice (EBP) to speech–language therapy students: are students competent and confident EBP users?
B. Spek, M. Wieringa-de Waard, C. Lucas and N. van Dijk
Short Report
Competent in evidence-based practice (EBP): validation of a measurement tool that measures EBP self-efficacy and task value in speech–language therapy students
B. Spek, M. Wieringa-de Waard, C. Lucas and N. van Dijk
The impact of adolescent stuttering and other speech problems on psychological well-being in adulthood: evidence from a birth cohort study
Jan McAllister, Jacqueline Collier and Lee Shepstone
Use of Spatial Communication in Aphasia
Sarah Johnson, Naomi Cocks and Lucy Dipper
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