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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2013. Número 48 (3)

Research Reports
Evaluating measures of global coherence ability in stories in adults
Heather Harris Wright, Gilson J. Capilouto and Anthony Koutsoftas
Alternating and sequential motion rates in older adults
John E. Pierce, Susan Cotton and Alison Perry
Effective intervention for expressive grammar in children with specific language impairment
Karen M. Smith-Lock, Suze Leitao, Lara Lambert and Lyndsey Nickels
Dysphagia therapy in stroke: a survey of speech and language therapists
S. K. Archer, I. Wellwood, C. H. Smith and D. J. Newham
The reliability of methodological ratings for speechBITE using the PEDro-P scale
Elizabeth Murray, Emma Power, Leanne Togher, Patricia McCabe, Natalie Munro and Katherine Smith
Children with developmental language impairment have vocabulary deficits characterized by limited breadth and depth
Karla K. McGregor, Jacob Oleson, Alison Bahnsen and Dawna Duff
Disordered semantic activation in disorganized discourse in schizophrenia: a new pragma-linguistic tool for structure and meaning reconstruction
Pertti Hella, Jussi Niemi, Jukka Hintikka, Lidia Otsa, Jani-Matti Tirkkonen and Hannu Koponen
Effects of children's working memory capacity and processing speed on their sentence imitation performance
Gerard H. Poll, Carol A. Miller, Elina Mainela-Arnold, Katharine Donnelly Adams, Maya Misra and Ji Sook Park
Short Report
Can individuals with Down syndrome improve their grammar?
Esther Moraleda Sepúlveda, Miguel Lázaro López-Villaseñor and Elena Garayzábal Heinze
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