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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2012. Número 47 (5)

Costing children's speech, language and communication interventions
Jennifer Beecham, James Law, Biao Zeng and Geoff Lindsay
Using principles of learning to inform language therapy design for children with specific language impairment
Mary Alt, Christina Meyers and Alexandra Ancharski
Research Reports
Sentence repetition in children with specific language impairment: an investigation of underlying mechanisms
Nick G. Riches
‘You needed to rehab … families as well’: family members’ own goals for aphasia rehabilitation
Tami Howe, Bronwyn Davidson, Linda Worrall, Deborah Hersh, Alison Ferguson, Sue Sherratt and Jocelyn Gilbert
Towards a definition: what does ‘health promotion’ mean to speech and language therapists?
Morag Ferguson and William Spence
Measuring word complexity in speech screening: single-word sampling to identify phonological delay/disorder in preschool children
Carolyn Anderson and Wendy Cohen
Narrative abilities, memory and attention in children with a specific language impairment
Iris Duinmeijer, Jan de Jong and Annette Scheper
Comparison between perceptual assessments of nasality and nasalance scores
Karin Brunnegård, Anette Lohmander and Jan van Doorn
Enablers and challenges of post-16 education and employment outcomes: the perspectives of young adults with a history of SLI
Catherine Carroll and Julie Dockrell
Lingual kinematics during rapid syllable repetition in Parkinson's disease
Min Ney Wong, Bruce E. Murdoch and Brooke-Mai Whelan
Assessing lexicon: validation and developmental data of the Picture Naming Game (PiNG), a new picture naming task for toddlers
A. Bello, P. Giannantoni, P. Pettenati, S. Stefanini and M. C. Caselli
Short Reports
Autonomic and emotional responses of graduate student clinicians in speech–language pathology to stuttered speech
Vijaya K. Guntupalli, Chayadevie Nanjundeswaran, Vikram N. Dayalu and Joseph Kalinowski
Social–communicative effects of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Anna Lerna, Dalila Esposito, Massimiliano Conson, Luigi Russo and Angelo Massagli
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