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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2012. Número 47 (4)

Research Reports
Camperdown Program for adults who stutter: a student training clinic Phase I trial
Nadia Cocomazzo, Susan Block, Brenda Carey, Sue O’Brian, Mark Onslow, Ann Packman and Lisa Iverach
Timing of gazes in child dialogues: a time-course analysis of requests and back channelling in referential communication
Olof Sandgren, Richard Andersson, Joost van de Weijer, Kristina Hansson and Birgitta Sahlén
Culture and listeners’ gaze responses to stuttering
Jianliang Zhang and Joseph Kalinowski
Evaluating the effectiveness of intervention in long-term aphasia post-stroke: the experience from CHANT (Communication Hub for Aphasia in North Tyneside)
Katharyn Mumby and Anne Whitworth
Reflections on clinical learning in novice speech–language therapy students
Anne E. Hill, Bronwyn J. Davidson and Deborah G. Theodoros
Assessing the treatment effects in apraxia of speech: introduction and evaluation of the Modified Diadochokinesis Test
Joost Hurkmans, Roel Jonkers, Anne M. Boonstra, Roy E. Stewart and Heleen A. Reinders-Messelink
Research Article
Fishy fishes: the typicality of object stimuli used to assess children's language in the Reynell Development Language Scales—III
Corinne Syrnyk and Kerstin Meints
Research Reports
Audiovocal integration in adults who stutter
Torrey Loucks, HeeCheong Chon and Woojae Han
Short Reports
Short-term and working memory skills in primary school-aged children with specific language impairment and children with pragmatic language impairment: phonological, linguistic and visuo-spatial aspects
Jenny Freed, Elaine Lockton and Catherine Adams
Community-based early intervention for language delay: a preliminary investigation
Natalie Ciccone, Neville Hennessey and Stephanie F. Stokes
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