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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2012. Número 47 (3)

The Social Communication Intervention Project: a randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of speech and language therapy for school-age children who have pragmatic and social communication problems with or without autism spectrum disorder
Catherine Adams, Elaine Lockton, Jenny Freed, Jacqueline Gaile, Gillian Earl, Kirsty McBean, Marysia Nash, Jonathan Green, Andy Vail and James Law
Implementation of a manualized communication intervention for school-aged children with pragmatic and social communication needs in a randomized controlled trial: the Social Communication Intervention Project
Catherine Adams, Elaine Lockton, Jacqueline Gaile, Gillian Earl and Jenny Freed
Non-word repetition in adolescents with specific language impairment (SLI)
Susan H. Ebbels, Julie E. Dockrell and Heather K. J. van der Lely
Language and disadvantage: a comparison of the language abilities of adolescents from two different socioeconomic areas
Sarah Spencer, Judy Clegg and Joy Stackhouse
Dynamic Assessment of Sentence Structure (DASS): design and evaluation of a novel procedure for the assessment of syntax in children with language impairments
Natalie Hasson, Barbara Dodd and Nicola Botting
A prospective, randomized comparative study of patient perceptions and preferences of two types of indwelling voice prostheses
Kelli Hancock, Elizabeth Ward, Nadine Lawson and Corina J. van As-Brooks
Effects of social cognitive demand on Theory of Mind in conversations of adults with traumatic brain injury
Lindsey J. Byom and Lyn Turkstra
Preparation, clinical support, and confidence of speech–language therapists managing clients with a tracheostomy in the UK
Elizabeth Ward, Tessa Morgan, Sue McGowan, Ann-Louise Spurgin and Maura Solley
The Levels of Speech Usage rating scale: comparison of client self-ratings with speech pathologist ratings
Christina Gray, Carolyn Baylor, Tanya Eadie, Diane Kendall and Kathryn Yorkston
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