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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2011. Número 46 (4)

Research Reports
‘You sometimes get more than you ask for’: responses in referential communication between children and adolescents with cochlear implant and hearing peers
Olof Sandgren, Tina Ibertsson, Richard Andersson, Kristina Hansson and Birgitta Sahlén
Lexical and syntactic development in Italian children with Down's syndrome
Laura Zampini and Laura D'Odorico
Parent–Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) in school-aged children with specific language impairment
Jessica Allen and Chloë R. Marshall
Speech perception in noise by monolingual, bilingual and trilingual listeners
Dollen Tabri, Kim Michelle Smith Abou Chacra and Tim Pring
What can iconic gestures tell us about the language system? A case of conduction aphasia
Naomi Cocks, Lucy Dipper, Ruth Middleton and Gary Morgan
Language-learning impairments: a 30-year follow-up of language-impaired children with and without psychiatric, neurological and cognitive difficulties
Carsten Elbro, Mogens Dalby and Stine Maarbjerg
Monolingual versus multilingual acquisition of English morphology: what can we expect at age 3?
Ruth J. Nicholls, Patricia A. Eadie and Sheena Reilly
Maternal speech to preterm infants during the first 2 years of life: stability and change
Chiara Suttora and Nicoletta Salerni
Lexical access and literacy in children with word-finding difficulties
David Messer and Julie Dockrell
Identification of phonological processes in preschool children's single-word productions
Wendy Cohen and Carolyn Anderson
Short Report
Relationships between language impairment, temperament, behavioural adjustment and maternal factors in a community sample of preschool children
Margot Prior, Edith Bavin, Eileen Cini, Patricia Eadie and Sheena Reilly
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