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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2009. Número 44 (3)

Review of visual speech perception by hearing and hearing-impaired people: clinical implications pp 253
Lynn Woodhouse; Louise Hickson; Barbara Dodd

Speech disruptions in the sentence formulation of school-age children with specific language impairment pp 271
Denise Finneran; Laurence Leonard; Carol Miller

Delivering the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) by web camera: a feasibility study pp 287
Susan Howell; Elina Tripoliti; Tim Pring

Inference and sentence comprehension in children with specific or pragmatic language impairments pp 301
Catherine Adams; Elaine Clarke; Rebecca Haynes

Deaf teenagers with cochlear implants in conversation with hearing peers pp 319
Tina Ibertsson; Kristina Hansson; Elina Maki-Torkko; Ursula Willstedt-Svensson; Birgitta Sahlen

Unhelpful thoughts and beliefs linked to social anxiety in stuttering: development of a measure pp 338
Tamsen St Clare; Ross Menzies; Mark Onslow; Ann Packman; Robyn Thompson; Susan Block

The Peer Attitudes Toward Children who Stutter (PATCS) scale: an evaluation of validity, reliability and the negativity of attitudes pp 352
Marilyn Langevin; Sabina Kleitman; Ann Packman; Mark Onslow

Cost analysis of direct versus indirect and individual versus group modes of manual-based speech-and-language therapy for primary school-age children with primary language impairment pp 369
Kirstin Dickson; Marjorie Marshall; James Boyle; Elspeth McCartney; Anne O'Hare; John Forbes

Optimizing speech production in the ventilator-assisted individual following cervical spinal cord injury: a preliminary investigation pp 382
Naomi MacBean; Elizabeth Ward; Bruce Murdoch; Louise Cahill; Maura Solley; Timothy Geraghty; Craig Hukins

Motor Speech Disorders pp 394
Steven Bloch

Language and Social Disadvantage: Theory into Practice pp 396
Barbara Dodd

Sharing Books and Stories to Promote Language and Literacy: A Volume in Emergent and Early Literacy Skills pp 398
Katherine Shobbrook
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