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International journal of language and communication disorders

Año 2000. Número 35 (4)

Patterns of phonological disability in Cantonese-speaking children in Hong Kong

Pamela Cheung; Evelyn Abberton pp 451
Phonological disruption and subsequent self-correcting behaviour in Cantonese aphasic speakers

Raymond K-S. Lee; Edwin M-L. Yiu; John Stonham pp 475
Phonological systems of a set of Putonghua-speaking twins

Zhu Hua; Barbara Dodd pp 487
Perception of aspiration and place of articulation of Cantonese initial stops by normal and sensorineural hearing-impaired listeners

Ida Y. H. Tsui; Valter Ciocca pp 507
Lexical diversity and productivity in Cantonese-speaking children with specific language impairment

Stephanie F. Stokes; Paul Fletcher pp 527
Oral reading in Chinese: evidence from dementia of the Alzheimer's type

Brendan Weekes pp 543
Contribution of finger tracing to the recognition of Chinese characters
Yuet-Yee Yim-Ng; Rosemary Varley; Jackie Andrade pp 561
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