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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Año 2001. Número 106 (5)

Conversational Characteristics of Children With Fragile X Syndrome: Tangential Language
Vicki Sudhalter, and Richard C. Belser, pp 389-400
Quality and Costs of Supported Living Residences and Group Homes in the United Kingdom

Eric Emerson, Janet Robertson, Nicky Gregory, Chris Hatton, Sophia Kessissoglou, Angela Hallam, Krister Järbrink, Martin Knapp, Ann Netten, and Patricia Noonan Walsh, pp 401-415
Diagnostic Overshadowing Reviewed and Reconsidered
David A. Jopp, and Christopher B. Keys, pp 416-433
Staff Members' Prediction of Consequences for Their Work in Residential Settings
Jim Mansell, and Teresa Elliott, pp 434-447
Coping, Burnout, and Emotion in Staff Working in Community Services for People With Challenging Behaviors
Georgia Mitchell, and Richard P. Hastings, pp 448-459
Evaluating the Functional Utility of Congregate Day Treatment Activities for Adults With Severe Disabilities
Dennis H. Reid, Marsha B. Parsons, and Carolyn W. Green, pp 460-469
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