Servicio de Informacion sobre Discapacidad

Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Search help

Search terms

As an example let us suppose that we would like to find all kinds of documentary sources on "supported job". In order to do so we will use the search command located at the top of the page. We will choose "the exact phrase" on the first pull-down menu, in the text box we will enter “supported job” and click on the Search command.

Page that appears when you select the type 'Supported employment' in the text box and press Search

We will go to the Documentary Sources section in order to see what documentary sources are available at the SID on supported jobs.

In the segment 'Documentary Sources' select 'Books'

We will select the Books section. The result will be a page with the books that contain the term “supported job” in their title or abstract.

In the book section, we introduce 'Supported employment' in the search form at the top of the page stating 'The current section'

We will choose one of them and the result will be a page containing its file.

Ficha del libro seleccionado, con enlaces a ficheros word y HTML