Servicio de Informacion sobre Discapacidad

Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Search by information sections

Suppose we are interested in consulting the latest news on the group of People with Sensory and Expressive Disabilities. One of the ways of carrying out this enquiry on the SID pages would be, in the first place, by accessing the section of Current Information, and within it, the News section. For this we must use the Information menu that is at the top of the SID page on the left.

The Information menu is in the top left of the page of SID

On the Information menu, select "By sections".

Within the Information menu, select By Section

After selecting this, a screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed. On this page the sections are organized in sub-sections. In the Centres and Services section there are several sub-sections of interest: centres and services directories that, alongside the NGOs’ section, form a directory with more than 10,000 references, information about economic benefits, or access to the catalogue of aids and technical benefits of the Ceapat. In the Legislation and Regulations section there are laws, decrees and all types of national, autonomous and European rules. In the Organization section there is a directory of organizations, associations and consulting bodies of participation related to people with disabilities.

For this example, choose the sub-section News, within the section Current Information.

Under Section Current information, select News

This will display on the browser all the news items that have been entered in the Service. Since we are only interested in news on a specific group, we will use the tabs that are at the top of each results screen in order to select those news items that refer only to the target group.

Under 'News' click in the news we want

In this way, only those news items will be displayed and, from then on, we will be able to select any of them to see their contents file. All information items included in the service’s web pages are associated with a file, which, according to the complexity of the item and the information available, can range from a mere reference to the address and telephone number of a centre to the full text of a book or article.

Tab of the selected news