Servicio de Informacion sobre Discapacidad

Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Search help


The pages of the SID are structured around the different information sections and it is possible to search for information either by search terms or by any of the classification criteria used at the service: section, topic, group and geographical area (found in the left menu under the heading INFORMATION). This search system allows us to answer specific questions such as the following..

How to search for information in the SID

  • By section - What is the latest news about the group of People with Sensory and Expressive Disabilities?
  • By topic - Are there going to be any conferences or courses on Architectural Accessibility in the near future?
  • By group - What are the latest publications on intellectual disability?
  • By area - Legislation relating to disabled people in a given Autonomous Community
  • Search terms - Find all the documentary sources that contain the term "supported job"