Servicio de Informacion sobre Discapacidad

Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Search help

Search by group

In order to illustrate the functioning of the search by group command, suppose we are interested in the latest publications on Intellectual Disability. In order to carry out this search by group we select the "By group" access in the Information menu that is located on the left side of the main page.

In the 'Information' menu (left) select 'By topic'

This option takes us to a section where a diagram with the different groups is displayed. We will chose the group we are interested in, in the case of the example that of Intellectual Disability.

Select the group Intellectual Disability

This will lead us to a new page where we can choose to browse all the sections that contain information about the chosen group. If this option is chosen, the rest of the search should be performed in a similar way to that described in the sub-section Informative Sections of this help guide. The latest publications, assessment tests or the latest research on the group can also be selected. In our example we deal with the latest publications on Intellectual Disability. We choose the one we are interested in.

We chose the publication

When we click on the title of the publication we will access its file where the details of the publication are displayed, sometimes including links or indexes.

The tab for the selected publication with a text link to pdf