Servicio de Informacion sobre Discapacidad

Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Search help

Search by geographical area (Regions)

In order to obtain information concerning data related to a certain Autonomous Region we use the search command by geographical area. In order to access this search section, we use the Information menu located on the upper left hand side of the screen, in this case selecting "By area".

In the Information menu (left) select 'By area' /></p><br />
    Once the option has been selected a map of Spain will appear and we can choose the region that we want to obtain information about; in our example we have chosen Castile and Leon. 
    <p class=Map of Spain where we can select an Autonomous Community

When we select the Autonomous Region we will be made to choose from among visiting the region’s official homepage (in the example of Castile and Leon that of the Governing Council of Castile and Leon), browsing the services Castile and Leon has to offer on the DESDE database, browsing all the information available at the SID for that geographical area or consulting the latest news, legislation and documents.

Within the geographical area chosen we can choose View all available information in the SID on this field

In our example we will choose the option See all the information available at the SID about this area. This will take us to a new page containing all the records existing at the SID for that area.

Page with all existing files in the SID of Castilla y León

We choose the tab By file and a new page with the same records classified into files will open. We then go to the section Legislation and Regulations and within it we select Regional Decrees.

We choose the branch 'Rules and Regulations' and within 'Regional decree'

This will lead us to all the regional decrees grouped under the selected region. By clicking on any of them we will be able to see their corresponding file.

Select the order we want to consult

Many of the files have links to useful addresses or files. In the file of the example there is a link to the file that contains the text of the decree in PDF format.

Order details

PDF text of the decree selected