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LAW 51 of December 2, 2003, on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal access of people with disabilities

Organismo emisor:
  • Jefatura del Estado

Fecha de disposición: 02/12/2003

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The purpose of this law is to establish measures to guarantee and make effective disabled people's right to equal opportunities, in accordance with Articles 9.2, 10, 14 and 49 of the Constitution.

For these purposes, the term "equal opportunities" is defined as a lack of direct and indirect discrimination whose cause lies in a disability, as well as the adoption of positive action measures oriented towards avoiding or compensating for disabled people's disadvantages in order to participate fully in political, economic, cultural and social life.

2. For the purposes of this law, the term "disabled persons" shall be applicable to those individuals for whom a degree of disability greater than or equal to 33 percent has been recognized. In any case, those Social Security pension recipients for whom a permanent disability pension with a degree of total, absolute or major disability has been granted, and pension recipients of passive classes for whom a retirement pension has been granted due to permanent inability for service or incapacitation, shall both be defined as affected by a disability to a degree greater than or equal to 33 percent.

Accreditation of the degree of disability shall be carried out under the terms established by regulation and shall be valid throughout the national territory.

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