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Developmental disabilities research reviews

Año 2003. Número 9 (3)

Brain plasticity, learning, and developmental disabilities pp 133-134
B.J. Case
Vocal learning in birds and humans pp 135-148
Linda Wilbrecht, Fernando Nottebohm
Early life influences on life-long patterns of behavior and health pp 149-154
Bruce S. McEwen
MRI-based morphometric analysis of typical and atypical brain development pp 155-160
David N. Kennedy, Christian Haselgrove, Sean McInerney
Imaging the developing brain with fMRI pp 161-167
M.C. Davidson, K.M. Thomas, B.J. Casey
Fiber tracking using magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging and its applications to human brain development pp 168-177
Richard Watts, Conor Liston, Sumit Niogi, Aziz M. Ulugbreve
Synaptogenesis and heritable aspects of executive attention pp 178-183
John A. Fossella, Tobias Sommer, Jin Fan, Don Pfaff, Michael I. Posner
A review of the biological bases of ADHD: What have we learned from imaging studies? pp 184-195
Sarah Durston
The development of reading impairment: A cognitive neuroscience model pp 196-205
Bruce D. McCandliss, Kimberly G. Noble
A systems neuroscience approach to autism: Biological, cognitive, and clinical perspectives pp 206-216
Inge-Marie Eigsti, Theodore Shapiro
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