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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2015. Número 38 (4)

Review article
Clinimetric properties and clinical utility in rehabilitation of postsurgical scar rating scales: a systematic review
Vercelli, Stefano; Ferriero, Giorgio; Sartorio, Francesco

Limitation of motion and shoulder disabilities in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices
Findikoglu, Gulin; Yildiz, Bekir S.; Sanlialp, Musa
Electroencephalographic markers of robot-aided therapy in stroke patients for the evaluation of upper limb rehabilitation
Sale, Patrizio; Infarinato, Francesco; Del Percio, Claudio
Immediate effects of somatosensory stimulation on hand function in patients with poststroke hemiparesis: a randomized cross-over trial
Sim, Sun-Mi; Oh, Duck-Won; Chon, Seung-chul
Moving forward in fall prevention: an intervention to improve balance among patients in a quasi-experimental study of hospitalized patients
Villafañe, Jorge H.; Pirali, Caterina; Buraschi, Riccardo
Predictors of self-efficacy in women on long-term sick leave
Andersén, Åsa; Larsson, Kjerstin; Lytsy, Per
Change in agreement between stroke survivors and their significant others on the severity of restrictions of functioning in a 1-year follow-up
Tarvonen-Schröder, Sinikka; Laimi, Katri; Kauko, Tommi
Psychometric properties of the Swedish version of the General Self-Efficacy Scale in stroke survivors
Carlstedt, Emma; Lexell, Eva Månsson; Pessah-Rasmussen, Hélène
Feasibility and efficacy of high-speed gait training with a voluntary driven exoskeleton robot for gait and balance dysfunction in patients with chronic stroke: nonrandomized...
Yoshimoto, Takahiko; Shimizu, Issei; Hiroi, Yasuhiro
Routine initial exercise stress testing for treatment stratification in comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation
Salzwedel, Annett; Rieck, Angelika; Reibis, Rona K.
The Coma Recovery Scale Modified Score: a new scoring system for the Coma Recovery Scale-revised for assessment of patients with disorders of consciousness
Sattin, Davide; Minati, Ludovico; Rossi, Davide
Change in quality of life, disability, and well-being after decompressive surgery: results from a longitudinal study
Schiavolin, Silvia; Broggi, Morgan; Visintini, Sergio
Quality of statistical reporting in developmental disability journals
Namasivayam, Aravind K.; Yan, Tina; Wong, Wing Yiu Stephanie
Brief research report

Training of selective attention in work-active stroke patients
Starovasnik Zagavec, Barbara; Mlinaric Lesnik, Vesna; Goljar, Nika
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