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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 37 (2)

The relationship between hand function, depression, and the psychological impact of trauma in patients with traumatic hand injury
Dogu, Beril; Kuran, Banu; Sirzai, Hulya
Predicting outcome in a postacute stroke rehabilitation programme
van Bragt, Peter J.; van Ginneken, Berbke T.; Westendorp, Tessa
Rasch analysis of the Iowa Level of Assistance Scale in patients with total hip and knee arthroplasty
Benedetti, Maria Grazia; Franchignoni, Franco; Morri, Mattia
Measuring avoidance of pain: validation of the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire II-pain version
Reneman, Michiel F.; Kleen, Marco; Trompetter, Hester R.
Impaired predictive and reactive control of precision grip in chronic stroke patients
Dispa, Delphine; Thonnard, Jean-Louis; Bleyenheuft, Yannick
Validity and reliability of the Nintendo Wii Balance Board to assess standing balance and sensory integration in highly functional older adults
Scaglioni-Solano, Pietro; Aragón-Vargas, Luis F.
Evaluation of competencies in the field of vocational rehabilitation and the employment of persons with disabilities
Wltavsky, Zdenka; Lebar, Lea; Bitenc, Crtomir
Validation of the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for obstructive pulmonary diseases from the patient’s perspective
Marques, Alda; Jácome, Cristina; Gonçalves, Ana
Maximum voluntary isometric pinch contraction and force-matching from the fourth to the eighth decades of life
Herring-Marler, Trenah L.; Spirduso, Waneen W.; Eakin, Richard T.
The effect of virtual body swapping with mental rehearsal on pain intensity and body perception disturbance in complex regional pain syndrome
Hwang, Haesol; Cho, Sungkun; Lee, Jang-Han
Quality of life in Swedish patients with post-polio syndrome with a focus on age and sex
Jung, Tae-Du; Broman, Lisbet; Stibrant-Sunnerhagen, Katharina
Sociodemographic features and diagnoses as predictors of severe disability in a sample of adults applying for disability certification
Raggi, Alberto; Covelli, Venusia; Pagani, Marco
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