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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 36 (3)

Identifying occupational attributes of jobs performed after spinal cord injury: implications for vocational rehabilitation
Sinden, Kathryn E.; Martin Ginis, Kathleen A.; the SHAPE-SCI Research Group
The relationship between spasticity and gross motor capability in nonambulatory children with spastic cerebral palsy
Katusic, Ana; Alimovic, Sonja
Psychometric properties of the Child and Adolescent Scale of Participation - Traditional Chinese version
Hwang, Ai-Wen; Liou, Tsan-Hon; Bedell, Gary M.
Feasibility of using a humanoid robot for enhancing attention and social skills in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Jordan, Kimberlee; King, Marcus; Hellersteth, Sophia
Adaptive changes in the dominant shoulders of female professional overhead athletes: mutual association and relation to shoulder injury
Tonin, Katarina; Stražar, Klemen; Burger, Helena
Social support and functioning in a patient with spinal cord injury: the role of social skills
Müller, Rachel; Rauch, Alexandra; Cieza, Alarcos
Backward walking treadmill therapy can improve walking ability in children with spastic cerebral palsy: a pilot study
Kim, Sung-Gyung; Ryu, Young Uk; Je, Hyun Dong
Four Square Step Test in ambulant persons with multiple sclerosis: validity, reliability, and responsiveness
Wagner, Joanne M.; Norris, Rosemary A.; Van Dillen, Linda R.
Prognostic value of time-related Glasgow Coma Scale components in severe traumatic brain injury: a prospective evaluation with respect to 1-year survival and functional outcome
Kouloulas, Efthimios J.; Papadeas, Alexandros G.; Michail, Xanthi
The effects of mirror therapy on arm and hand function in subacute stroke in patients
Radajewska, Alina; Opara, Józef A.; Kucio, Cezary
Asymmetry in sit-to-stand movement in patients following transtibial amputation and healthy individuals
Slajpah, Sebastjan; Kamnik, Roman; Burger, Helena
Effect of radial shock wave therapy on muscle spasticity in children with cerebral palsy
Gonkova, Mariya I.; Ilieva, Elena M.; Ferriero, Giorgio
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