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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2001. Número 24 (4)

European lecture: Targets and approaches.: 7th European Congress of Research in Rehabilitation, 2 April 2001, Madrid (edited version)
K.-A. Jochheim pp 257
Struck by stroke: A pilot study exploring quality of life and coping patterns in younger patients and spouses
S. Smout; P.J. Koudstaal; G.M. Ribbers; W.G.M. Janssen; J. Passchier pp 261
Effectiveness of a multimedia programme and therapist-instructed training for children with autism
S.K.F. Wong; S.-F. Tam pp 269
Use of assistive devices to address hearing impairment by older persons with disabilities
M. Tomita; W. C. Mann; T. R. Welch pp 279
Effect of early vocational intervention in a rheumatological outpatient clinic - a randomized study
P. Eshøj; U. Tarp; C.V. Nielsen pp 291
Enhancing an appointment diary on a pocket computer for use by people after brain injury
P. Wright; N. Rogers; C. Hall; B. Wilson; J. Evans; H. Emslie pp 299
Habilitation, support and service for young people with motor disabilities. A Swedish perspective
J. Brodin; Å. Fasth pp 309
Parental stress, marital satisfaction and responsiveness to children: A comparison between mothers of children with and without inborn impairment
A. Rimmerman; V. Stanger pp 317
Factors affecting participation in a child development programme
E. Tirosh; A. Cohen; M. Stein; M. Jaffe pp 321
A comparative evaluation of two models of service delivery for families with a child with cerebral palsy
Juliet Goldbart; Swapna Mukherjee pp 325
Backpropagation neural network short form of WAIS-R Japanese edition
K. Hattori; F. Chan; K. Fujita pp 329
Use of a contact lens telescopic system in low vision patients
J. Lavinsky; G. Tomasetto; E. Soares pp 339
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