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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2004. Número 27 (2)

Original articles
Rehabilitation in Germany: new challenges of a structured social security scheme
Vogel, Heiner; Zdrahal-Urbanek, Julia pp 93
Vocational rehabilitation: what works and in what circumstances.
Floyd, Mike; Pilling, Doria; Garner, Karen; Barrett, Paul pp 99
Caregiving problems and feelings experienced by family caregivers of stroke survivors the first month after discharge
Grant, Joan S. 1; Glandon, Gerald L. 2; Elliott, Timothy R. 3; Giger, Joyce Newman 1; Weaver, Michael 1 pp 105
Is information and communication technology an opportunity for parents of children with disabilities?
Lindstrand, Peg; Brodin, Jane pp 113
Effectiveness of home rehabilitation after stroke in Israel
Weiss, Zwi 1; Snir, David 2; Klein, Bracha 2; Avraham, Irit 2; Shani, Revital 2; Zetler, Hillary 2; Eyal, Pnina 3; Dynia, Aida 3; Eldar, Reuben 3 pp 119
Organizational aspects of special schools for mental retardation in India
Rao, L. Govinda; Reddy, S.H.K. pp 127
Length of stay in the rehabilitation center, the admission functional independence measure and the functional independence measure gain
Valach, Ladislav 1 2*; Selz, Beat 1; Signer, Sandra pp 135
Brief research reports
Is performance on the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence associated with employment outcome following brain injury?
Roberts, Craig B. ; Coetzer, Bernardus R.; Blackwell, Helena C. pp 145
Test-retest reliability of short form (SF)-12 component scores of patients with stroke
Bohannon, Richard W. ; Maljanian, Rose; Landes, Michele pp 145
Measurement properties of the short form (SF)-12 applied to patients with stroke
Bohannon, Richard W. ; Maljanian, Rose; Lee, Nora; Ahlquist, Martha pp 151
Allocation and preference of patients for domiciliary or institutional rehabilitation after a stroke
Weiss, Zwi 1; Snir, David 2; Zohar, Ruth 2; Klein, Bracha 2; Eyal, Pnina 3; Dynia, Aida 3; Eldar, Reuben 3 pp 155
Validation of the Chinese general self-efficacy scale among individuals with schizophrenia in Hong Kong
Chiu, Frank P.F.; Tsang, Hector W.H. pp 159
An assessment of osteoporosis in stroke patients on rehabilitation admission
Watanabe, Yuriko pp 163
Self-reported efficacy of an ear-level prosthetic device that delivers altered auditory feedback for the management of stuttering
Kalinowski, Joseph; Guntupalli, Vijaya K.; Stuart, Andrew; Saltuklaroglu, Tim pp 167
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