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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2004. Número 27 (1)

Original articles
Treatment-induced neuroplasticity following focal injury to the motor cortex
Landers, Merrill pp 1
Spinal cord injury and outdoor experiences
Beringer, Almut pp 7
Developmental gains in early intervention based on conductive education by young children with motor disorders
Liberty, K pp 17
Physical functioning and quality of life after cancer rehabilitation
Van Weert, E. 1 2 3; Hoekstra-Weebers, J.E.H.M. 2 3; Grol, B.M.F. 2; Otter, R. 2; Arendzen, J.H. 1; Postema, K. 1 3; van der Schans, C.P. 1 2 3 4, pp 27
Working with a chronic disorder-the development of the Work and Handicap Questionnaire
Andries, Frank 1; Kremer, Anja M. 1; Hoogendoorn, Wilhelmina E. 2; Wevers, Cees W.J. 1; van Putten, Dick J. pp 37
Educational career and predictors of type of education in young adults with spina bifida
Barf, H.A. 1; Verhoef, M. 1; Post, M.W.M. 1 2; Jennekens-Schinkel, A. 3; Gooskens, R.H.J.M. 4; Mullaart, R.A. 5; Prevo, A.J.H. 1 6, pp 45
Brief research reports
The effect of physical therapy on balance of patients with Parkinson's disease
Stankovic, Ivona, pp 53
The Subjective Index of Physical and Social Outcome: its usefulness in a younger stroke population
Kersten, Paula 1; George, Steve 1; Low, Joseph 2; Ashburn, Ann 2; McLellan, Lindsay 2, 59
Predicting osteoarthritic knee rehabilitation outcome by using a prediction model developed by data mining techniques
Tam, Sing-Fai; Cheing, Gladys L.Y.; Hui-Chan, Christina W.Y., pp 65
A cost-effective, adjustable, femoral socket, temporary prosthesis for immediate rehabilitation of above-knee amputation
Sathishkumar, S.; Manigandan, C.; Asha, T.; Charles, J.; Poonoose, P. Pradeep, pp 71
Convalescence care for seniors of lower Manhattan: an interdisciplinary outreach, rehabilitation, and education model
Moroz, Alex 1 2; Schoeb, Veronika 1; Fan, Grace 1; Vitale, Kenneth 2; Lee, Mathew 2, pp 75
Self-reported experiences of incidents and injury events in traffic among hearing impaired people as pedestrians and cyclists. A follow-up study of mobility and use of hearing equipment
Lundalv, Jorgen, pp 79
Community-based cognitive rehabilitation services for persons with traumatic brain injuries in China
Dou, Z.L. 1; Man, D.W.K. 2; Tam, S.F. 2; Hui-Chan, C.W.Y. 2, pp 81
Development of a consumer-driven Wheelchair Seating Discomfort Assessment Tool (WcS-DAT)
Crane, Barbara A. 1; Holm, Margo B. 1; Hobson, Douglas 1; Cooper, Rory A. 1; Reed, Matthew P. 2; Stadelmeier, Steve 3, pp 85
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